5 Theories Proven True By Multiverse of Madness

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a habit of making complex storylines that are connected to each other. That is their ultimate selling point and they are quite good at it. But there is another thing that must be considered. I am talking about the fans and their ability to predict what is happening in the cinematic universe. Let me be perfectly clear in my explanation, it is scary how fans can predict exactly what will happen in the future of the MCU. In fact, to prove our point we have collected 5 fan theories that were proven true by Multiverse of Madness. Take a look.

Dreams Are Visions

The greatest thing about watching Multiverse of Madness was that you could tell what they had changed with the reshoots. We suspect that the plot leak was 90% accurate when it came out and then they changed a lot with the reshoots, but the basic elements stuck. One of these elements was the confirmation of the fact that dreams are windows to other universes. In the MCU when a person dreams they are actually looking through the eyes of an alternate universe self. This is a big revelation and changes a lot about the MCU. Incidentally, the fans have had this theory for a while now. In fact, it surfaced the day the first trailer for Doctor Strange 2 was released.


Wanda Is The Villain

This theory goes all the way back to the start of 2021. Wandavision was released to a lukewarm reception but the season finale blew everyone’s socks off. Suddenly Wanda had the potential to become the next big villain in the MCU. The fans took to their forums and came up with wild theories about how the transition would happen. But never did anyone think that it would happen off-screen. Fans wanted to see Wanda rise up to the occasion, learn dark magic and destroy the world with her might. But all she did in this movie was destroy. There was no phase of growth. Still, the “Wanda is the villain” theory stands confirmed after the release of Multiverse of Madness.


Defender Strange To Zombie Strange

A while ago, when the first trailer for the movie was released, we at QuirkyByte.com made a prediction about the movie. We suggested that out of all the Strange variants shown in the trailer, Defender Strange and Zombie Strange were the same person but at different times in the movie. At that time it was our belief that Zombie Strange would be the main threat of the movie but it turned out to be partially incorrect. Still, Zombie Strange was a reanimated corpse of Defender Strange, so we were right in pointing out that they had the same costume and were, in fact, the same person.


Book of Vishanti

Theories proven true by Multiverse of Madness

A popular theory about the Multiverse of Madness was that everything in the movie would be resolved by using the Book of Vishanti. The Book of Vishanti is an ancient relic that was written by the first Sorcerer Supreme of our universe. This is one of those theories that were proven true by Multiverse of Madness in the first few seconds of the movie. In fact, this book can be called the secondary McGuffin of the movie, the primary one being America Chavez’s multiverse traveling powers themselves.


Chthon And Mount Wundagore

Ahh! Yes! This is the confirmation that I enjoyed the most. When Wong is being held captive by Wanda, another Sorcerer finds her way to the Altar. She proceeds to destroy the Darkhold, after which Wanda wakes up from her dreamwalk. Wanda goes on another one of her rampages and threatens to kill every sorcerer that is breathing except Wong if he does not give her what she wants. Wong tells her that the Darkhold that was destroyed was only a copy.


The original one was written over the walls by Chthon on Mount Wundagore. This name drop confirms the fan theories about the source of Wanda’s powers. Especially when we go to Mount Wundagore and see the stone carving of The Scarlet Witch herself.

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