An Iron Man Easter Egg in Doctor Strange That You May Have Missed

Doctor Strange, the latest release from Marvel, has not yet joined the ranks of its more popular characters but its more than likely that he would be on that path soon. Marvel has touted Stephen Strange to be integral to how future movies of Phase 3 will pan out. The film, like many other superhero films, contained easter eggs that were both in relation to the comics and the comic world. What no one would have expected was the Iron Man easter egg hidden in the film. And it is an epic one!   dr__strange_by_mehdic-d9nousx

In Doctor Strange, Christine Palmer (played by Rachel McAdams)used the term “bleeding edge” during a conversation with Stephen Strange. It may seem like vague words to the passing viewer but comic fans will know that it actually isn’t. In fact, it’s kind of a big deal. Bleeding edge is the term used for the newest technologies that they have a high risk of being unreliable.


Bleeding edge was a term most recognizable in the Iron Man comics. Tony Stark had created The Bleeding Edge Armor which was so advanced that it was kept inside Stark’s body. You read that right, the armor was inside Tony Stark’s body. The advancement did not end there, the armor could be mentally commanded to form any structure or shape upon Stark’s skin. The armor was made up of nanotechnology (think Big Hero 6) that could change and transform into different armors, depending on what Stark imagines. It is invulnerable as it can also repair itself.

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Bleeding edge also got a mention in Avengers: age Of Ultron.  At the start of the film, Hawkeye was wounded and was cured using a nano-technology that was created by the character of Doctor Cho. Unsurprisingly, Tony Stark has already had prior knowledge of it. And given how Vision was created by Bruce Banner and Tony Stark, it is possible that a more technological  advanced suit will soon enter for Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Iron Man.

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