New Men in Black: International Teaser Trolls Game of Thrones in The Best Way Possible

The marketing tactics these days are taking some amazing strides that no one really expects. Game of Thrones is currently getting a lot of traction, and apparently getting a lot of heat for the latest season as well. Not just the fans but now even other films are taking jabs at the mistakes that have been made this season. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are now done with Avengers: Endgame but they’ve got yet another blockbuster coming out next month in the name of Men in Black: International.

Men in Black: International Game of Thrones

Since the film is just 1 month away now, we’d be getting a slew of trailers, teasers and TV spots containing new footage. Well, one such teaser has been launched but along with the new piece of footage, it also throws shade at a debacle caused on Game of Thrones very recently over a Starbucks Coffee Cup. Take a look:

Apart from Game of Thrones, Starbucks must have profited unconditionally getting this unpaid advertisement out there, and now even Sony is using it to have a bit of fun and pull in some crowds towards their upcoming film.

Men in Black: International Game of Thrones

This new Men in Black reboot sequel gives us a rather worldwide look at how the Organization works. It has brought in new cast members and we’ve loved seeing them in the trailers. The world has seen quite a lot of Chris Hemsworth but it has seen very less of Tessa Thompson. But what’s great is that she has already got 3 great franchises under her belt (MCU, Creed, MIB).

Men in Black: International Game of Thrones

Coming into this film, she explained who her character is along with Executive producer E. Bennett Walsh & Director Gray were also a part of the conversation:

“Thompson – The genesis of the whole thing is a young girl whose life had been altered by an encounter with Men in Black. And the idea is that unlike Will [Smith] in the original films, she’s a protagonist who hasn’t been recruited but has found them.

Men in Black: International Game of Thrones

Walsh – The [series’] style is so deliberate in its design and storytelling. It’s not a standard action movie. It has a certain point of view, and some of the humor is that very matter-of-factness.

Gray – We went into the project knowing the deep affection we and the fans have for Will and Tommy. We’re not replacing them, simply adding to their team.

Men in Black: International Game of Thrones

Thompson – The start of the first movie talks about immigration, and Will [Smith] has these really searing jokes about race…. I think you do have the chance inside of all this escapism to say something, and make a movie that has heart and that has satire and that holds up a mirror to our stuff. I think that’s possible, without preaching.”

AvenMen in Black: International Game of Thronesgers: Endgame Chris Hemsworth MCU

Now moving on to Chris Hemsworth, his future apparently is one of the brightest in Hollywood now. Yes he’s got this new franchise along with the MCU, but apart from that he has signed on 4 more upcoming films in the name of Dhaka, Robopocalypse, Down Under Cover and a Hulk Hogan Biopic. His career is on an all-time high now but what’s funny is that he was actually about to quit acting just before he was cast as Thor.

Men in Black: International Game of Thrones

Here’s what he told Men’s Health:

“I was about to quit. I always wanted to act, and one of the first things I wanted to do when I got any money was pay my parents’ house off. I’d asked Dad once when he thought he’d pay it off and he said, ‘Honestly, probably never.’ Most people are in that boat and I wanted to change that.

Men in Black: International Game of Thrones

And then my mentality changed, which came from being at a point where I was like, ‘I’m going to go back to Australia.’ I had one more audition where I was like, ‘Do this for his house. Think about reasons other than yourself.’ That was for The Cabin in the Woods, and I got that job, and from there I got Red Dawn. And then I got Thor.”

Now Let’s see how he does in Men in Black: International which comes out on June 14th.

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