The Change in Origins of Eternals Will Allow Greek Gods To Finally Enter The MCU

Screen Rant got to visit the set of MCU’s Eternals and they revealed some crazy new details about the origins of Eternals in the MCU. And we seem to think that they changed their origin to pave the way for the Greek Gods into the MCU. After all the love that the Norse Gods received from the audience, it has to be the perfect time for the Greek Gods to set their foot in the MCU.

In the source material, the Greek Gods, namely Hercules, has been a prominent member of the team. His brute strength and the blood of the Gods made him one of the strongest Avengers. And his absence from the MCU has been very disappointing for the fans. However, new information has come to light that could be the perfect set-up for the Gods.


Origins of Eternals

As of now, we have seen a lot of Norse mythology in the MCU but the Greek mythology still hasn’t made the cut. Some think that the reason for Hercules’ absence is that he was just too overpowered to be included in the Infinity Saga. And now that we enter into Kang’s dynasty, plus Hercules’ connection with Immortus, his entry could not have come at a better time.


Many leaks from 2022’s Thor: Love & Thunder have already revealed that Greek Gods will be in the main cast. Moreover, Russell Crowe has already confirmed that he will be coming to the MCU as Zeus. Zeus is the King of Gods in Greek Mythology and the father of Hercules. So, Hercules might follow him soon, followed by Zeus’ God-brothers, Poseidon and Hades. Although, there is not any official confirmation that they will appear in Thor 4.


The Eternals and the Greek Gods are a big part of Marvel Comics’ version of ancient history. Having two teams of super-strong and immortal beings in the MCU was only a possibility. But now that the developers are changing the Eternals’ origin story, it doesn’t seem like a far stretch. Screen Rant confirmed this after their visit to Pinewood Studios back in 2020.



According to the comics, the Eternals are the creations of the great Universal beings, the Celestials. The Celestials, inspired by the human DNA, created two species based on them. They called them the Eternals and the Deviants. Although, unlike Eternals, Deviants came out to be an abomination of a species and asked for the Earth’s dominion. In order to stop them, Celestials sent the Eternals after them to protect the Earthlings. However, afterward, when the Eternals made the Deviants run away, they were asked to stay on the Earth, among the humans in case the Deviants appeared again.


However, when the Greek Gods rose to power, they came across the Eternals. Since both of them were almost equally strong, they came up with a pact that allowed them to co-exist. The Celestials had asked the Eternals to stay hidden, so the credit of their work usually went to the Gods.


The writers reworked this origin completely. The movie changed their place of origin from Earth to Olympia, the same as the Greek Gods. Plus, their version of the Deviants is much more dangerous. According to the producer, Nate Moore, the Deviants are universal parasites who go from planet to planet, hunting down their respective apex predators and stealing their characteristic powers. And after their last fight with the Deviants several millennia ago, the Eternals stopped orders and set up camp on the Earth.


Origins of Eternals

To add and rework some things from the source materials, the writers made their spaceship their home. They called it Domo. It is a huge shift from their original home. In the comics, the team used to live in a secret city above Mount Olympia to hide from the world. Adding to this rework, the Eternals will see Olympia as a completely new planet, the home to some of the most powerful and smartest beings of the Universe. The planet will be the hub of eternal beauty, advanced technology, and architecture.



By making Olympia a planet of different species of beings, the MCU writers perfectly set up the Greek Gods for the future. And this opens the door to a whole new brand of superheroes. After Eternals releasing next month, the MCU creators might tease the entry Gods in Thor 4. We don’t know about yours but this will shake our universe.


However, this brings a whole lot of inconsistencies too. For example, many of the Greek Gods and Eternals have the same or at least similar names. Bringing them together might be confusing for the audience, too. Now, Marvel would not repeat the same mistake as the comics and that’s why the rework. This rework might be the best thing about Phase 4 and we are very excited t check it out this November 5.

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