10 Things About Eternals Only Comic Book Fans Would Know

Marvel Studios recently released the first trailer of Eternals. The trailer introduced us to a new superhero team. But if we look at the Marvel comics, Eternals is a team that is not much important in this Marvel universe. They were later added to the mythology of Marvel Comics. They have gained importance in the last few years. This is because their descendant is none other than Thanos. So let’s look at the things About Eternals that only comic book readers would know:

1. Original team

The Eternals have defended humanity for thousands of years. They have defended Earth from the Celestials in the past. Introduced by Kirby, the core team of Eternals had Ikaris, Thena, Makkari, Ajak, Sersi, and many more as team members. The same characters would appear in the film. The only thing here is that they might be shown a bit differently in comparison to how they are in the comics.

2. Links with Thanos

The legacy of the Eternals is very important. Thanos has been named as the best MCU villain. He is actually a descendant of the Eternals. Thanos is an Eternal-Deviant hybrid from the Celestials machinations on the planet Titan. His impact has been extreme in the Marvel universe. His use of Infinity Gauntlet led to the disintegration of half of the life in the entire universe.

3. The Powers

Eternals look like humans. But they have extraordinary powers. All of them are immortal. Their heightened physiology is what prevents them from aging. All of the Eternals have been alive from the birth of human beings to the present day. They are strong and durable. There are some differences in their personalities. A few of them have unique powers which make them the strongest superheroes in this universe.

4. Same like the new Gods

The Eternals were created by comic book writer and artist Jack Kirby. They mirrored in various ways, the creation of the New Gods. This includes the villain Darkseid. The New Gods were also created by Kirby after leaving Marvel in 1970. The Eternals were created in 1976. This revived his popularity since his work in DC Comics was canceled early. But he used a few of those ideas in creating the Eternals. But the Eternals comics got canceled before he could finish it.

5. Less Recognition

Eternals’ first comic book volume lasted for only two years, from 1976 to 1978. The characters were eventually forgotten at a point in time. They emerged in a 1985 miniseries. They were also seen on Thor during the late ‘80s. Neil Gaiman, another comic series creator wrote a new Eternals miniseries in 2006. It was a team made for the 21st century. The current comic came three years after the last one was cancelled by Marvel and the team was killed.

6. Origins of Man

The main idea of Eternals was from Kirby’s interest in sci-fi. He had an interest in those that resembled an alien influence in the development of man. Eternals’ story starts where the Celestials, being the most powerful Marvel cosmic beings, play with the evolution of human beings. They develop three different races. A higher lifeform named the Eternals, a lower one who are the genetic cast-offs of the Eternals named the Deviants and at last, mankind.

7. The Deviants

The main villains of the Eternals have not been revealed yet. But it might be the Deviants from the comics. They are a result of the genetic experimentation on humans by the Celestials. Most of them had superhuman strength and stamina and other superpowers. They are mostly inhuman in appearance. This looks like a knock against them since they are very much intelligent. They are developing technology and abilities of their own.

8. Power reset

As mentioned earlier, the Eternals were remained by Neil Gaiman in 2006. Their cosmic powers were limited. They look like less of a genetic experiment. They can do whatever they want to do but they would be programmable clones. The Eternals cannot attack the Celestials. If they make any negative move against their creators, they get switched off like robots.

9. The Celestials

MCU fans surely know about the Celestials. They have also appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy movies. They have created the Eternals. But still, they are considered villains. They returned to Earth to test the merit of their creations. But this led to devastating battles. This test might be applied to the Eternals in the MCU.

10. The X-Factor

The Eternals genetic superiority has been described as mutation. This makes them the same as the X-Men and X-gene. But both of them are different. Homo Superior is a new branch of human evolution. But it is different from Homo Immortalis that includes the Eternals. Both the groups have some similarities. Eternals were recently rebooted in Marvel Comics. A few of its elements can be seen in the Dawn of X era of X-men and Resurrection Protocols used by X-Men to cheat death.

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