10 Reasons Why Venom Could Be Better As A TV Show

A standalone Venom movie took a long time to be made. But it was a huge success although being panned by the critics. A sequel is now on the way. The best part of this movie is that it has been loved even without the presence of Spider-Man. Spider-Man has fought a lot of villains. Most of them are yet to make their cinematic debut. In this case, a TV series would be the best to give all of them an equal amount of screen space. So, here are 10 reasons why Venom could be better as a TV show.

1. Introduction of major Venom villains

Villains can be seen in almost every picture when it comes to comic books. But when it is about movies, a few selected villains get to make their own screen debut. The same applies to Venom. Carnage is surely the best villain for the big screen. But there are other villains like Pyre and Demogoblin. A TV series will be best for these villains to show their powers and weaknesses.

2. Easier to make multiple seasons instead of movie sequels

Superhero movies have been successful mostly because of their sequels. Eventually, that gives birth to a huge franchise. But this is a very long process. Changes in the crew and creative differences play an important role in filmmaking. Sometimes certain sequels have also been canceled because of this reason. But the same does not happen in terms of TV series. If a Venom series is made, three or four seasons will be enough to cover all the content from the comics.

3. More focus on Venom and Eddie Brock’s relationship

The bond between Venom and Eddie Brock is very different. It took some time for them to get along but now they are together. A movie is made for a certain duration of time. It doesn’t get sufficient time to cover up everything. So somewhere Venom and Eddie Brock’s relationship has not been properly explored. So, a TV series of several seasons would get to see them at odds with each other and then get together at the time of need.

4. More writers and directors get to work

Venom could be better as a TV show

When a movie is made about one particular character, it is continued for 3-4 installments. In this situation, production studios usually hire one or two writers and directors to helm the movies. But if a Venom TV series is made, it will cover multiple seasons. This will be a good chance for several writers and directors to bring their vision to the screen. This means better plot, action, and visual effects.

5. More spin-offs and a connected universe

There have been many rumors about Sony’s connected universe. Another rumor says that Venom characters might appear in an MCU crossover. But this will take time to materialize in a movie. Here box office collections matter a lot. If there will be a TV series, then it will take less time. It will easily establish a connected universe. It might lead to the introduction of Spider-Man’s TV version.

6. The story behind the symbiote’s origin

The first Venom film had references from the “Planet of the Symbiotes” storyline. But still, the origin of the symbiote was not revealed properly. We don’t know how they were made, where they came from or it was made manually by some mastermind. A TV series can easily show the origin of the symbiote in some outer planet. It would be then sent to Earth. Eventually, it will search for human hosts and bond with them.

7. More focus on Anne Weying

We got to see the romance between Eddie Brock and Anne Weying in 2018’s Venom. But less focus was put on that story to put more emphasis on Eddie Brock and Venom. Eventually, we never got to know more of Anne Weying. The same thing can be expected in the sequel. But a TV series will let us see more of her character. Every episode will feature a different shade of Anne Weying. An individual episode can show that she is devoted to She-Venom.

8. Focus on more violence

Venom could be better as a TV show

2018’s Venom was initially announced to be an R-rated movie. But certain story sequences like Venom biting people’s heads off and eating brains were ignored in order to make it a PG-13 film. This was done since an R-rating would have caused issues for potential crossovers with Spider-Man which is a family-friendly film. But a TV series never faces any rating issues. The same sequences can be added in a TV series. The action sequences can be made more violent. This will also attract more audiences since viewers nowadays prefer to see extreme violence.

9. A long plot

As mentioned earlier, movies are made for a certain duration of time. The plot has to cover up that limited time including the end credits. But this is not the same for TV series. A Venom TV series can start from the origins of a symbiote. It can then focus on human characters. Slowly the series can then progress to that part where symbiotes bond with humans. Villains will eventually make their entries and superheroes can be then brought in to fight them.

10. Exploring the storylines individually

In order to cover up the limited time in movies, writers mix up two-three storylines of a character altogether. As viewers, a few of us can notice that and others cannot. The problem here is that the most important parts of the storylines are left out. So if a Venom series is made, it will be able to explore these storylines individually. The characters that were left out in movies will also get more screen space.

So this is how Venom could be better as a TV show. Do you agree with these points? Let us know in the comments.

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