Zack Snyder Confirms 5 Movie Justice League Arc & Teases The Snydercut

Just recently, Zack Snyder held a watch party and gave fans his live commentary on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition. During the commentary, he revealed & confirmed many details that have been out on the internet already. One of the confirmations that we got from Snyder was that the larger narrative of the DCEU would have spanned through 5 movies all directed by him. His vision began with Man of Steel and it would’ve ended with Justice League 3. Also, Snyder has teased the Snydercut.

To start off with things, Snyder confirmed that the CIA agent to die in the beginning was actually Jimmy Olsen. He said:

“I just liked the idea that Jimmy was a spook for the CIA. I always felt like Jimmy, you know, never was capable, that capable, and to see him be like speak a foreign language. People always ask me if he’s dead, do we see him again, does he come back to life. I don’t think so. It implies a bigger universe. It implies that these dominos are falling as we go forward. We just did it as this little aside because we have been tracking where we thought the movies were gonna go. And we don’t have room for Jimmy Olsen in our big pantheon of characters, but we can have fun with him, right?”

Zack Snyder Justice League Arc & Teases The Snydercut

Many of you would now be aware that the end of Justice League Snydercut would’ve revealed that Harry Lennix’s General Swanwick was actually Martian Manhunter all along. Snyder told us that back in Man of Steel, Swanwick already knew that Clark Kent is actually Superman. He understood that Lois & Sups have a relationship and during the interrogation scene, Swanwick didn’t even flinch when Superman broke the handcuffs like they were nothing. Really, the ending of Justice League would’ve revealed Martian Manhunter & it would’ve been awesome.

Justice League Snyder Cut Green Lantern

About the time travel sequence of the Flash, Snyder is still keeping us in the dark by suggesting a couple of possible scenarios for what the “Knightmare” sequence from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice actually meant. He said:

“I guess it’s boring for him [Bruce] waiting for it to decrypt so he fell asleep, maybe or I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a by-product of Flash cracking on the cosmic treadmill or whether it creates some sort of rift where it allows Batman to see into the future. It could be a combo of those things.”

Knowing that the Flash would’ve ran back in time to give the League another chance against Steppenwolf, the Knightmare sequence would’ve happened in Justice League 2 or 3.

WB DC Extended Universe

Snyder then talked about one of the controversies that this film stirred up and that’s Batman being a murderer. Snyder states that Batsy’s ways were extreme, but his actions in the Batmobile didn’t actually kill people. Well, we disagree upon that, but we do understand that Snyder was trying to portray a broken Batman who has stopped trusting in giving criminals a second chance. This especially happened after the death of Robin.

Then Snyder talked about the next controversial Martha moment, explaining its importance to the audience that still doesn’t stand by the scene. He said:

“It’s really this whole concept of branding criminals. The idea was that [Batman] had lost his own moral compass and he had become what he beheld. The whole idea of this movie is to create this arc where [Batman] confronts Superman’s humanity, that he finds himself again. That’s what the thesis of this thing is, that we’re all humans and that we all connect on a level. Our mothers have the same name. That is really sort of this fundamental, ‘we both have a mother, so we are both human.’ Even though Superman is from another planet, his connection to humanity is so clean that Batman is able to re-energize himself.”

Zack Snyder Justice League Arc & Teases The Snydercut

This is what allowed Batman to recognize that Sups is also a human in his heart. Another important revelation that comes from Snyder’s live commentary is the awakening of the Mother Boxes. It was actually Superman’s gruesome death that woke the Three Mother Boxes. He stated that “If you really wanted to wake up a mother box, you would do it like this,” further elaborating that Superman’s final scream was the moment the Mother Boxes woke up.

Finally arriving to the point we had been waiting for, the Snydercut. Zack didn’t really mention the “Snydercut”, but he did leave us with a little tease:

“It was really fun, and I hope it was fun for you guys. Like I said, it was really fun for me. I really appreciate everything that you guys say about the movie, that you continue to love the movie as I do. Really fun. Really great. You know what, I think they should someday make a sequel to this movie some day. That would be amazing. That would really be something else. Yeah. Want to know what happens to these guys. I mean… don’t they eventually… I don’t know…  Form some…”

Zack Snyder Justice League Arc & Teases The Snydercut

Fans of Snyder’s original vision are really hopeful that WB will release the Snydercut on HBO MAX. This is a version of Justice League that the fans deserve to see because of the loyalty they’ve shown for more than 2 years. There have been a few teases by Snyder but nothing really concrete has made its way on the internet. WB would really be able to add quite a few subscribers with the Snydercut, so they should really consider releasing the Snydercut on their upcoming Streaming service.

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