10 Best Spider-Man Fight Scenes of MCU Ranked From Good to Great

Just like Stan Lee, Spider-Man is our favorite character too. The web-crawler has had many foes and won against all of them. Well, if not easily, then with some help. But he has won. Each of his opponents has had a different persona, and he has coped up with all. Peter Parker, Spider-Man, is a crucial part of the MCU now. So I have curated a list of the top ten Spider-Man Fight Scenes of MCU:


Homecoming was an action-packed movie. Yes, Holland truly killed it. In the final battle against the Vulture, Peter did not have his customized Stark suit. But he did not need that. He handled this fight pretty well. After Parker stopped Vulture from stealing the Stark Industries plane, they brought the fight to land. After noticing that Vulture’s suit was unstable and was about to explode, Peter saved him before it could kill him. How strong is Spider-Man exactly? Well, he kept it from hitting any buildings by turning the wing using his webs.

Elemental Battle

Spider-Man: Far From Home $300 Million Worldwide

The entire point of Far From Home was for Peter to take a break. But, with great power comes great responsibility, right? Well, that was exactly the case. This battle really impressed me because Peter went into the warzone without his suit. He still managed to steer people away to safety. Moreover, he had no idea of what he was against. He went into battle headfirst. Without his usual technology to rely on, he improvised well enough. Plus, we were introduced to Mysterio at this point!

ATM Robbery

Spider-Man Fight Scenes In MCU
Spider-Man Fight Scenes of MCU

First of all, this is hilarious. Just the fact that the robbers were wearing the Avengers mask set me off right away. Peter noticed a group of armed robbers attempting to break into an ATM while patrolling the neighborhood. We know Parke talks a lot during a fight, as point out by Falcon. But after cracking a few one-liners, he goes into action and kicks them down to the ground. This was a crucial moment for the fans as they got to see Peter’s true identity in the face of danger.

Saving Doctor Strange

Okay, I know that overall this was a failed mission. But Peter really stepped up his game. When Peter sensed something wrong, and no, not the Peter-Tingle, he left the school bus and went to the danger zone. Within a moment he started fighting against Thano’s children. All he knew that his team is in danger.

He luckily gets there just in time to save Iron Man from being crushed by Cull Obsidian. Tony tells him to chase Strange and ave him. And there goes our hero. It not only showed Peter’s character development but also that he was fearless in the face of danger.

Ferry Fight

Arguably one of the best scenes in the MCU. And I am here to prove it so. First, it reminded me of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 when Maguire’s Peter Parker stopped a train in the same fashion. It was great to see something of the same sorts again. Well, Peter is aware of a possible arms exchange and tries to stop it. He and the criminals are ambushed by FBI agents.

Spider-Man Fight Scenes In MCU

The latter was tipped off by Tony as revealed further. Vulture begins attacking the agents with a Chituari weapon. In a ruckus, the weapon attacks the ferry and splits it in half. Peter locates the Ferry’s strongest beams and webs them to each other before trying to use his strength to hold the two pieces together. Until saved by Iron Man. But still pretty dope. Definitely one of Spider-Man’s greatest moments.

Infinity War Titan Battle

Spider-Man only knew the danger – Thanos. Rest, he did what his mentor Tony told him to do. In my opinion, he stood well against Thanos. He also saved Mantis in the middle of battle. Granted, he had an enhanced suit. But considering other factors such as disrupted gravity, he did pretty well. When Thanos arrives, they ambush him, with Peter repeatedly landing hits by jumping through Doctor Strange’s portals. But of course, Thanos is a Titan. He stomps him down. But kudos to Peter’s guts.

The Grand Illusion

Spider-Man Fight Scenes In MCU

Honestly, Mysterio overpowered Peter only because he got E.D.I.T.H. He discovered that Quentin Beck was actually a villain. Hence, he goes to alert Nick Fury and Maria Hill. But he realizes that’s that he is inside one of Mysterio’s illusions. Peter is tortured by these illusions as he is forced to watch MJ fall to her death. Moreover, he had to encounter a zombie version of Iron Man as well. Pretty scarring for a high school kid. The illusion ends with Beck leading him straight into a bullet train. Though he was pretty traumatized and injured, he came back stronger!

Chase With The Gauntlet

As correctly pointed out by Steve in Civil War, “You got heart kid,” it was pretty well proved in Endgame as well. The best moment for Parker comes when Peter finds himself with the Infinity Gauntlet. He knows that there is no coming back from this point on. Peter is attacked by outsiders. Once he gets overwhelmed, he activates Instant Kill-Mode. He manages to escape when Captain America throws Mjolnir for him to latch his web onto. He then hitches rides from Valkyrie on her Pegasus and Pepper in her Rescue armor before being knocked out of the sky and meeting Captain Marvel. What a ride for this young superhero.

Airport Battle Against Team Cap

Spider-Man Fight Scenes of MCU

Okay, Peter is not only strong but smart. When Scott surprised everyone by turning into a giant, he threw Iron Man’s team into a frenzy. Nobody was prepared for it. But our wall-crawler had just the perfect plan to bring down this mammoth of a person. And surprisingly, he succeeded! This is where even Tony even believed that he the kid did right by him. And yes, let’s not forget the epic sequence between him and the Cap.

Spider-Man Fight Scenes In MCU

Now, this is my favorite part of the Airport battle sequence. We all know that Bucky is injected with super-soldier serum right? Also, he’s pretty strong. Plus, he has a metal arm! I had to sound surprised because Spider-Man was taken aback when he stopped one of Bucky’s punches with absolute ease. He straight-up clowned Falcon and the Winter Soldier! This is one of my favorite Spider-Man moments ever.

Final Showdown Against Mysterio

After taking a beating from Mysterio, Peter came back for revenge. And this, he was not going without winning. Moreover, Peter was aware of the illusion technique and was aware that he just has to follow his sixth sense. After Happy picks him up from the Netherlands, they fly to London where Mysterio is carrying out his final attack. Peter elegantly takes out most of the drones that are responsible for the illusions. Beck’s army of drones is now limited.

Spider-Man Fight Scenes In MCU

But Mysterio’s wicked ways did not end here. makes one final attempt to shoot Peter by making himself, and the gun he was holding, invisible but Peter dodges the bullet. Beck gets shot and falls to his death. Peter then goes on to deactivate the drone and retrieve E.D.I.T.H. This is where Peter was in prime and totally nailed this action sequence. However, Beck’s last con was to frame Peter for his death and reveal his identity. Boom!

Which one of these Spider-Man Fight Scenes of MCU is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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