Wolverine And Cable Fight In Mutant Gladiator Match And we Finally Know Who is Stronger

Wolverine And Cable Fight In Mutant Gladiator:

The X-Men have some of the fiercest fighters in all of Marvel Comic Book Universe’s history. Among them all, Wolverine is perhaps the greatest hand to hand fighter of all time, having proved his mettle in battle since time immemorial. Wolverine and his claws prove to be almost unstoppable once unsheathed. There is one other fighter though within the X-Men’s ranks who could prove to be more than a match for Wolverine and it is none other than Cable, the Omega Level telekinetic mutant who is part human and part cyborg. Marvel finally organized a death match between the two to see who is stronger and the results were truly astonishing.

Wolverine And Cable Fight In Mutant Gladiator

The Mutant Population of Earth has been in a sort of upheaval as of late. Professor X and the X-Men have decided to rally all the mutants scattered throughout the world under a single banner. They have founded a Mutant Nation on the Sentient island of Krakoa. As the nation of mutants evolves so will its customs and traditions. The Mutants being a distinct species completely different from that of humanity, their rites and rituals are also bound to be a class apart. But turns out, they too have certain similar traditions like the human world.

Wolverine And Cable Fight In Mutant Gladiator

The Mutants of Krakoa use a Roman Style Colosseum like arena called the Quarry. At the Quarry, mutants flock in huge swathes to witness their favorite superhuman gladiators trying to rip each other a new one. It is in the Quarry that the two X-Men behemoths called Wolverine and Cable fight to satiate their audience. And ladies and gentlemen it is truly a fight to behold.

Wolverine And Cable Fight In Mutant Gladiator

The fight starts pretty normally. Wolverine unsheathes his claws as Cable, a lover of gunfights, decides to go long-range and hit Wolverine with enough firepower from a distance where his claws will not be able to reach him. His plan backfires when Wolverine quickly closes the distance between them and slashes his gun into two. The cable is surprised with Wolverine’s agility but he keeps his cool. He has one more trick up his sleeve.

Wolverine And Cable Fight In Mutant Gladiator

He decides to go all out, using the two severed parts of his gun to first cover Wolverine’s claws and then using his telekinesis to pin him onto the ground. The fight is declared to be over by Silver Samurai on account of Wolverine being unable to get up, which is essentially what you call a takedown in wrestling.

Wolverine And Cable Fight In Mutant Gladiator

The comic book Cable #1 will show us what a younger version of Cable is capable of. We have all seen Cable as the stoic and practical individual who likes to have a Machiavellian approach to everything. The Younger Version of Cable is reckless and careless beyond measure. He almost lost a fight to Wolverine because he could not stop himself from taunting Logan and keeping his mouth shut. Things are looking really interesting for the X-Men right now.

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