What Actually is The Black Winter – Thor Fights The End of Marvel Universe

What is The Black Winter:

Thor has undergone quite a few drastic changes within the current Thor issues. After being crowned the King of Asgard, the one-handed god of Thunder saw Galactus crashing down onto his realm. Galactus brought along with him some truly terrible news – the Star Plague is coming. Also known as the Black Winter, the mysterious force was responsible for the death of the universe that preceded the current mainstream Marvel Universe. The only individual from the previous universe who survived the chaos wreaked by Black Winter was Galan, who would one day absorb the energies released by the Big bang to become Galactus. But what really is the Black Winter? That is a question we finally have an answer to.

What is The Black Winter

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Thor #4 up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

What is The Black Winter

Galactus tried fighting the Black Winter but was forced to escape after it proved to be too strong for even the Devourer of Worlds, who is considered one of the greatest comic entities to ever exist. The fight led to the Black Winter’s Black Snowflakes resonating into another reality that ended up being destroyed. Galactus is still the only hope to stop the Black Winter. But to allow him to regain a new level of power and help him lick his wounds, Thor has been chosen as his Herald. Now blessed with the Power Cosmic and healed off of all his injuries, Thor is in search of five special planets that Galactus must consume to gain enough power to fight the Star Plague.

What is The Black Winter

And now Donny Cates and Nic Klein have revealed the Black Winter in all its glory for the readers. First mentioned in Silver Surfer: Black #4, the Black Winter was but a distant memory deep within the mind of Galactus when Silver Surfer took a dive into it! The Black Winter is now a cosmic-level threat, first revealed to be coming to eat up the whole universe and show everyone a vision of their one true end in Thor #1.

The Black Winter has a special ability. Once someone looks into it, they can see the end of their life happening right in front of their eyes. That is a vision that captivates many and frightens the most. That is how the Black Winter has managed to engulf the universe after the universe. It is because it is the harbinger of ‘True Death’ since he shows the void and nothingness that exists after a person who looks into it is gone forever. Thor came face to face with the Black Winter right after Galactus consumed the fifth and final planet on the list. To protect himself from Black Winter’s corrupting visions Thor rips out a piece of his own cape and uses it as a blindfold. Thor may not be able to see it but the readers can.

What is The Black Winter

The Black Winter is extremely humongous. It is larger than any known cosmic entity to ever grace the Marvel Comic Book Universe. It is a cloud-like a force with a face that looks down upon Galactus and Thor, who are nothing but insects in front of it. Galactus is a towering force that dwarves even celestial planets. But in front of the Star Plague, even he seems like a housefly the Black Winter could squat easily with its hand. Thor and Galactus need to act fast and combine their powers to defeat the Black Winter and end its menace.

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