6 Iconic Marvel and DC Symbols That Define Superheroes

When we think of our beloved superheroes, what is it that makes them so interesting? What they do of course, but there is something that is a simpler version of the significance of what they do, Their symbols. That is what we’re gonna list here down for you today:

Green Lantern

Marvel and DC Symbols That Define Superheroes

When we talk about symbols, the simplicity of them acts directly proportional to their retention value. Every lantern corps has its own distinct symbol. A simple emblem, showing a green colored Lantern, the Green Lantern Corps’ is a great symbol indeed.

The Flash

When we think of the word Flash, what comes into our minds? Speed, yep that’s what the Flash’s power is and that is exactly what his emblem shows. The lighting kind of aesthetically pleasing symbol is yellow in color on his scarlet colored suit.


Well here is an intimidating symbol. The Punisher’s skull. Skulls symbolize death and mortality. Considering the Punisher is known for killing his foes, this symbol completely fits what the man does. Frank Castle’s persona resonates with the symbol as he uses kidnapping, murder, extortion & torture to get the job done.

Captain America

Of course, this had to be on this list, Captain America’s shield is one of the most iconic superhero symbols that are there. It’s a simplified version of the American flag, which is synonymous with patriotism. And no one doubts Cap’s patriotism, hence it fits. It’s fascinating to know that the ever so popular shield wasn’t round in the beginning. In the beginning, it used to look like the traditional design of a shield.


Marvel and DC Symbols That Define Superheroes

Well, the symbol is actually not an ‘S’ for the initials of Superman but actually, it means hope on the planet Krypton, which was the symbol for the house of EL. This symbol was a trendsetter, as it was the first symbol to be worn on the chest, a trend followed till this date.


Marvel and DC Symbols That Define Superheroes

No surprises that this symbol makes the top of the list. A symbol shining in the darkness, Bat was considered a beacon of hope. The Batman symbol has gone over 30 variations over the years. An intimidating symbol, striking fear in hearts of the criminals as well as a metaphorical meaning of the resilience of the bat, this symbol when given out as the Bat signal sure gives chills.

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