10 Mind-Bending Things You Never Knew Mjolnir Can Do

Mjolnir is Thor’s weapon and only the one who’s worthy shall possess the power of Thor, we get it, but what more can Thor’s hammer do apart from throwing Thunderbolts at people? Well here are some really cool things that Mjolnir is capable of doing:

Can Travel Back In Time

This is one of the best powers of the mighty Mjolnir, and it is because of this power of the hammer that the villains want Thor to get rid of it. Throughout the comics, Mjolnir has changed many events because of traveling back in the time with his hammer. Without the Hammer, Thor can’t.

Can Raise The Dead

Woah, what is it that the coolest hammer we know can’t do. Raising the dead? Really? Mjolnir has raised the dead a lot many times. Be it Thor or Captain America, both have been revived by the hammer and have gone straight into battle. the trick is simple, you just need to be worthy.

It Can Detect People Objects Or Illusions

When you are living in the Marvel universe, you can’t ever be sure if what you are believing is true or not, in one such case, Thor’s hammer can come to rescue. Mjolnir can see through all illusions telling which one is fake, which is real, it has saved Thor a number of times from his brother, Loki.

Can Give Others Lightning Superpowers

It sure is a God’s weapon, Mjolnir can literally make normal people into superheroes. After Union Jack is killed by mistake, the hammer not just revives him but also gives him powers to control lightning.

It Keeps Thor Immortal


Yeah, this has to be the best superpower of the hammer. Mjolnir, till it is with Thor, he is immortal. This is why the wielder of the Hammer, Thor has the power that whenever he calls out to his hammer, it comes to him within seconds, making him immortal.

It Can Destroy The Armors of Celestials

In Marvel continuity, Celestials are given the bigger status than the gods of Asgard. They are actually the creators of creators. But sometimes, they also destroy. In “Thor” #388 (1988), Thor desperately tries to stop the Celestials Exitar from destroying a planet which was deemed a failure. At that moment, Mjolnir was powerful enough to smash through Exitar’s armor which allowed Thor to make his way into its brain.

Can Fly Through Planets

We know its planet saving abilities but it can damage them too. During an encounter with the Builders who came to destroy the Earth, Thor calls forth his hammer from down on Earth which came boring through the solid rocks, the stratosphere and then through the Builder’s ship in the “Avengers” run.

Holds Thor’s Memories

In  “Avengers: Disassembled” storyline, where Thor meets his long awaited Ragnarok and embraced his oblivion, a new God of Thunder, Tanarus took over Asgard and everything about Thor was forgotten. But there was only one person who had the fallen memory of Thor and it was Loki. But thanks to Kid Loki and Silver Surfer who saved his immortal soul from being devoured by a terrifying being and took him back to the land of the living. He was helped by Loki (who was in his walking-stick form) who found his Mjolnir which brought back his memories in his new life and it turns out that Mjolnir can actually store Odinson’s entire identity from its past, present, and even future within it.

Flies Faster Than Speed of Sound

It is believed that Mjolnir can fly at the speed more than twice the speed of sound. It can attain a top-speed of 770 mph which is more than double the speed of sound which is actually 340.29 mph.

It Can Shapeshift

Mjolnir has the ability to shapeshift itself although it’s not one of the major qualities of Mjolnir, during the early days when Thor was cast-out to Earth by Odin to learn some humility he attained a new personality of Dr. Donald Blake. Along with him, his Mjolnir also conceived its identity by turning into a wooden cane so that no one would find out that it holds the powers of the God of Thunder.

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