5 Reasons Why Tim Drake Is A Better Robin Than Nightwing

Dick Grayson and Tim Drake both have been great Robins. While Grayson was the first Boy Wonder, that doesn’t make him the best. Here are 5 reasons why Tim Drake is a better Robin than Dick Grayson:

Took his time to take on the mantle

Unlike Dick Grayson who was instantaneously taken in by the Batman after the poor kid witnesses his parents dying in front of him and became the first Boy Wonder, Tim Drake took his time to get into the suit. He first asks Grayson to take back the mantle and when he refuses and Bats really needs someone, then he comes in.

Lies To Batman

No, don’t misunderstand us, we don’t encourage lying to one’s heroes but Tim Drake and Dick Grayson both have been the leaders of the Teen Titans but why was Tim better? That is because he even lied to Batman so that his juniors could operate separately and Bats and the other seniors aren’t always hovering over them.

A Hero Without Costume

Tim Drake is the smartest of all the Robins, this is no surprise to anyone but what’s even better is that he’s the most diligent member too. Once when he was forced to drop the mantle of Robin by his dad, Drake continued to do what he did without wearing the costume or being a sidekick to anyone.

Got Ra’s’ Approval

None of Batman’s villains have as high standards as Ra’s Al Ghul. Ghul is someone who takes his time and experience to judge people. He too approved Tim to be a worthy opponent, not just that he also got the title of ‘Detective’ from him, which only Batman had received until then.

Better With Investigations and Technology

Tim Drake

No, we are not just taking Ra’s’ opinion into consideration, but otherwise, too Tim is a way better detective as he’s the only one who figured out Batman’s identity on his own. Not just that he is the best with technology in the entire Bat family.

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