5 Reasons Why The Justice League Would Kick The Avengers Down

Although The Avengers have proven themselves to be a capable and powerful superteam, they are no match for Justice League. Here are 5 reasons why:

The Avengers Don’t Have Powerful Fighters Like Justice League:

The Avengers have powerful superheroes, no doubt about it, and that comes to an advantage when they join forces together. But pick apart a mighty team, each team member do not compare to the powerhouses like Superman and even Batman. Sure the Hulk can do damage but when in a fight with an extra-terrestrial alien, there is a limit to his ability, like turning back into Bruce Banner. And Thor has proven himself to be a lesser fighter without Mjolnir, so Wonder Woman already has a thousand years of fighting experience against the Asgardian god. And though Tony Stark has a mighty suit, he does not have the mighty prowess of Bruce Wayne.

The Justice League Have A Better Team Dynamic:

The Justice League function better as a team because they know their roles in the group. Superman supports with his humility, Wonder Woman with her intelligence and compassion and Batman, who is the moral compass of the team. The team has its ups and downs, but in the end, hey often bond together due to their mutual respect and rooted foundation. The Avengers have proven time and time again that their moral beliefs have taken over the bigger picture, which in turn breaks apart the team at the slightest of troubles.

Justice League’s Villains Have Trained Them For The Worst:

DC has a darker tone to their villains that Marvel can never compare to. Sure there are characters such as Carnage and Venom, but they are one in a million when compared to psychopathic killers like the Joker. Thanos may be a looming threat to the Avengers, but he pales in comparison to Doomsday and Darkseid.Because of the twisted villains, they face on a daily, Justice League are better equipped to deal with a lot of the messiness that comes with being a hero than The Avengers can ever compare.

Justice League Members Are Not Afraid To Die For Each Other:

The Justice League members have been known to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their team members safety and beyond that, the innocent civilians that they protect. Batman got burnt to a crisp when he got blasted by Darkseid’s omega beams, Hal Jordan sacrificed himself to literally restart the sun and Superman sacrificed himself to stop Doomsday both in the comics and in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The list of their self-sacrifice and for their fellow Justice Leaguers is endless, so The Avengers have a lot to learn from them.

Justice League Has Martian Manhunter:

Justice League

Martian Manhunter may not be the most famous Justice League member, but he has proven himself to be the wildcard of the group. His physical powers and special abilities like flying, regeneration, and blast energy beams from his eyes. He has the ability to shapeshift, move through objects and become entirely invisible at will. He also can read minds and has telekinetic abilities as well. He is literally The Avengers rolled into one being.

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