The Plot for Thor: Love And Thunder Has Leaked & Seems Totally Legit

Thor: Love And Thunder Plot Leaked:

We live in an era where plot leaks have become very common. It is too early for a Thor: Love And Thunder plot leak, but the script of the movie is complete as both Tessa Thompson and Vin Diesel have addressed elements of the movie. The following plot leak has surfaced on 4Chan by an anonymous user who claims to be working upon the movie right now. Obviously, we have to take this as a grain of salt since nothing is official, but the details of this leak are very descriptive and absolutely awesome.

 Thor: Love And Thunder Plot Leaked

Obligatory Spoiler Warning in case your future experience gets ruined with this leak. Now, let’s get right into the leak:

“Same comedic tone as Thor: Ragnarok. The idea is to leave the door open for Hemsworth and Portman to return for more, but also wrap up their character arcs in case they decide to stop after this.

 Thor: Love And Thunder Plot Leaked

Christian Bale is playing the main villain, Gorr. In this version, Gorr is an alien whose race was slaughtered by Hela. He blames the Asgardians and, after years of searching, retrieved the Necrosword to wipe them out.

Gorr will be mocap, but his pre-Necrosword form is going to be human-looking. The dark energy mutates him, and he becomes more monstrous as he absorbs more of it.”

It’s obvious that the movie will be exactly like Thor: Ragnarok. We’ve heard that Bale is going to play an intergalactic alien villain so this fits perfectly with the unique villain that he wants to play. Linking Gorr’s tragic backstory to Hela makes perfect sense. Thor has always been fixing the problems caused by Odin’s history, and it would make sense for Hela to be the reason for Thor’s next problem (until she makes her own return).

Back to the leaked details:

“Thor is having intergalactic adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy when Gorr attacks and wounds him, then announces that he will kill the remaining Asgardians on Earth. Thor goes there to protect them with Rocket and Groot.

Rocket and Groot are supporting characters, the rest of the Guardians (Star-Lord, Drax, Mantis and Nebula) are cameos. There’s some talks about having them join the final battle, but nothing final. Gamora won’t show up because her story is reserved for Guardians of the Galaxy 3.


Thor can’t find Gorr, so he’s forced to ask Jane Foster for help. Gorr’s sword is powered by dark energy, and Jane might be able to trace it. Jane is now working for S.W.O.R.D., and director Abigail Brand is not happy when Thor shows up needing help.

Brand is the other major role left to cast, Marvel Studios is looking at actresses like Jodie Comer and Vanessa Kirby for the role since the character is supposed to appear in several movies like Nick Fury.”

Avengers: Endgame Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

The Guardians were recently confirmed for Thor: Love And Thunder by Vin Diesel. He said that some of the Guardians will have a big adventure with Thor, and that did let us to assume that Rocket & Groot will rejoin Thor for another escapade. Talking about how Jane comes into play, her working for SWORD also makes perfect sense. SWORD (Sentient World Observation and Response Department) will be fully established in WandaVision and may also feature in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so it’d be good to see the comic accurate leader of the organization come into play. We’d love to see Vanessa Kirby join the MCU as Abigail Brand.

 Thor: Love And Thunder Plot Leaked

“Thor, Jane and Brand go to New Asgard, where they reunite with Valkyrie and time-displaced Loki, who ends up a prisoner there after whatever happens on his spinoff series. Along with Loki is a new time-displaced Mjolnir that doesn’t answer to Thor because it’s under a “different spell”.

Gorr tricked Thor into leading him to New Asgard and destroys it with his army of “shadow berserkers”. During the chaos, Jane wields Mjolnir and fends off Gorr for the time being.

And yes, Gorr is going to kill either Korg or Miek during the attack on New Asgard. Waititi still hasn’t decided on who (Korg would be more impactful, but he likes playing the character).”

deleted scenes  Thor: Love And Thunder Plot Leaked

The involvement Loki is obviously a spoiler for the upcoming series. And he bringing Mjolnir back is also according to what the rumors have suggested. It’s interesting that Mjolnir won’t respond to Thor this time around. Now it’ll become totally Jane exclusive. The leak doesn’t get into the specifics of how Jane is suddenly worthy of the hammer, but if this leak holds any sort of truth to it, then we’d definitely get a proper explanation.

Thor: Love And Thunder Korg

Also, it’d be heartbreaking to see Korg die so early. He is arguably one of the best characters of the MCU and it’s understandable for Taika to also love playing the role. But Miek’s death won’t really be as impactful. And no other character should die in the movie. Both Thor & Jane could have a future. Valkyrie & Abigail Brand would also have a big future. So, Korg is the only one whose death could actually leave people in tears. But are we ready to see his death so soon? It’s highly likely that we won’t ever be ready for that. Anyway, let’s get back to the leak.

 Thor: Love And Thunder Plot Leaked

“Brand places the Asgardians under S.W.O.R.D.’s protection at an outpost near a small town in Oklahoma. Thor trains Jane to control Mjolnir and they reconnect. Valkyrie and Brand also develop a bond.

Loki escapes and join forces with Gorr to use Jane’s research on dark energy and harness it through the Necrosword to defeat Thor. Dark energy has time-altering properties that Loki wants.

All leads to major battle between Thor and Jane against Gorr across time and space, while Valkyrie and Brand lead the Asgardians and S.W.O.R.D. in battle against the Shadow Berserkers to defend humanity.

During the battle, Rocket and Groot must deal with a dark energy singularity that Gorr creates before it consumes the planet, and Loki pursues his own agenda.”

The movie is “Love and Thunder”. This plot leak does check every box for that. It is easy to believe that Thor & Jane will reconnect and Thor will teach her how to use Mjolnir. Valkyrie looking for a queen of New Asgard was always going to be an arc, and Abigail Brand being set up as that potential queen does come as a big surprise. But it’d be nice to see a connection like this. Also, Brand trying to protect the people of Asgard makes her a worthy contender to become the ruler of the place along with Valkyrie.

 Thor: Love And Thunder Plot Leaked

The Loki we see here is still the villain Loki from Phase 1 & Phase 2. It isn’t the Loki who sacrificed himself to save Thor & the Asgardians. So, it’s obvious that he’d have his own agenda in this movie as well. There are a lot of great things in this “Plot Leak”, but it still seems like someone has tried to write a story exactly according to what the news updates & rumors have suggested. There isn’t a big surprise element.

Facts About Thor Marvel

As we’ve mentioned above, this leak doesn’t explain how Jane is worthy. It doesn’t tell us how Loki or Mjolnir are back. Moreover, we don’t get to see any of the other rumored characters like Beta Ray Bill or Lady Sif. Villains like Enchantress & Karnilla are also amongst the top contenders to be in the movie. And, this leak doesn’t even have set ups for other space oriented characters like Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer or perhaps even Galactus. Perhaps the info we’ve read hear is a well thought of fan-fic story by an anonymous writer, or it is just a part of the whole thing. Perhaps, the final movie may have elements from this story. Let’s wait and see what all is accurate, and what isn’t.

Thor: Love And Thunder arrives on November 5, 2021.

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