10 Powerful Facts About Bane – The DC Supervillain Who Broke The Batman

Facts About Bane:

Bane has been one of the most influential DC villains of all time and he gained popularity after he destroyed Batman both physically and mentally. No other villain can boast about beating the Dark Knight senselessly in a one-on-one fight. Bane has a very deep backstory and that proves he is more than just a Big guy with muscles.

#1: Creation and Debut

Facts About Bane

Bane was created by Dennis O’Neil, Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, and Graham Nolan and he made his DC Comics debut in Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 back in January 1993. He was created as an enemy for the Dark Knight as the makers wanted to create a character who could outclass the Batman both, physically and mentally.

#2: He grew up in a prison to pay for his father’s crimes

Facts About Bane

Bane’s biological father, Edmund Dorrance or King Snake was a revolutionary, so the corrupt government decided that his son would serve out his life sentence. Bane spent his childhood and early adult life in prison. He read countless books and spent most of his spare time working on his body. He learned to fight in the prison as the other inmates were merciless in there.

#3: He was a test subject for the Venom Drug

Facts About Bane

After a while, Bane managed to gain full control of the prison he was in. The prison controllers took notice and eventually forced Bane to become a guinea pig for a mysterious drug named Venom, which had killed all the previous test subjects. Bane barely survived the experiment and found that the drug enhanced his powers exponentially, although he had to take it every 12 hours.

#4: He’s not just an Ordinary Brute

Facts About Bane

Bane is one of the strongest Supervillains in the DC universe as he possesses superhuman strength, but he is a lot more than just sheer power. Bane is a Genius level tactician who has outsmarted Batman several times. He is a master in hand to hand combat and he is trained in several forms of martial arts. To top it all, he can enhance his powers thanks to the Venom drug.

#5: The Only Villain who ‘Broke the Bat’

Facts About Bane

Bain is often credited as the only villain to have broken the bat, both physically and mentally. After completing a mission that took three months, Batman returned home only to find Bane there. Bane attacked the Batman mercilessly and beat him nearly to his death. The attack was so fierce that it made Batman a paraplegic. This aspect was also explored in The Dark Knight Rises.

#6: Batman finally got a rematch and won

Facts About Bane

Bane worked for Ra’s al Ghul for a very long time and he was engaged to his daughter Talia al Ghul. When Ra’s al Ghul launched a plague attack on Gotham in the Legacy storyline, he had Bane by his side to protect him. Batman finally got his much-awaited rematch with Bane and he finally defeated the monster in single combat. Disappointed by his protégé’s failure, Ra’s al Ghul called off the engagement and disowned Bane.

#7: He was almost killed by Azrael, the new Batman

Facts About Bane

After losing the fight against Bane, Azrael returned to the Batcave to build an advanced combat suit of metal and went for the head of Bane. The new suit completely destroyed Bane as he was no match for it. Azrael destroyed the tubes that pumped Venom into Bane’s blood, which caused a severe withdrawal. The pain was so much that Bane begged Azrael to kill him, but Azrael left him to be arrested.

#8: The Leader of Secret Six

Facts About Bane

To destroy Batman, Bane devised an evil plan to kill several of his closest allies. He planned on killing Red Robin, Azrael and Batgirl to get to Batman. But his plans were halted when his team was betrayed by Penguin, who exposed their location, resulting in a massive army of superheroes ranging from Green Lantern, Batman and the Superman family defeating the Super Six.

#9: He once merged with Marvel’s Punisher

Facts About Bane

In the Amalgam universe, where the heroes and villains of the Marvel and DC universe came together, Bane was merged with Punisher, and he became the Banisher. He is described as a gun-toting, drugged up anti-hero, who defeated the Batman in the past.

#10: He once thought he was Batman’s brother

Facts About Bane

Thomas Wayne was very close to Bane’s mother during the time he was conceived. When Bane came to know about this, he alerted Batman and DNA tests were performed. While waiting for the results, Bane joined hands with Batman to fight crime. The test results showed that Thomas wasn’t Bane’s father, so he left.

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