These Women Were Incharge Before Wonder Woman Came Into The Picture

There is nothing new with Female Superheroes, they’ve been on the scene since the Golden Age of the comics (From 1983-50s). Where as Wonder Woman first appeared in the comics in 1941, there were quite a few female superheroes who had made their debut even before her. Here is a list of some of them:


Fantomah is a supernatural being and the protector of the jungles of Africa. She can fly, has telekinetic abilities, has the ability to transform people into other forms. She could also transform from a young white woman to a skull-faced freak to frighten poachers.

Black Widow ( Not the present one)

Claire Voyant was possessed by Satan during a ritual that she was performing for a family and accidentally cursed them. After this event, family died, the head of the family took revenge on Claire by murdering her after which she vows to get even and then, with the aid of a deal that she makes with the Devil, avenges her death and goes on to help send evil souls to Hell. Her powers were flying, turning invisible, using psychic powers, and killing people instantly with her Touch of Death.

The Woman In Red

She is the first female superhero to wear a mask. Her real name was Peggy Allen, a police officer who became a vigilante after she had it all with criminals manipulating the legal system. This one had no powers, but she was incredibly skilled with a pistol and hand to hand combat.

Red Tornado (Not the present one)

Seeing her son’s love for the Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Ma Hunkel became inspired to fight crime in her neighbourhood in New York City. Her ferocious upper body strength and her face concealed under a cooking pot were enough to fool others that she was a man, this also gave her the distinction of being the first cross-dressing superhero.

Black Cat (Not the present one)

Linda Turner, a former stunt girl created the Black Cat persona so that she could expose the director of one of her films as a Nazi spy. Apart from this she was a skilled motorcyclist and had a black belt in Judo.

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