10 Insane Powers and Abilities of Cosmic Ghost Rider

Powers and Abilities of Cosmic Ghost Rider:

The Ghost Rider is God’s divine vengeance given true form. He is a fallen angel that possesses people and makes them the host of Zarathos, a biblical entity of immense power. Ghost Rider has always been associated with the supernatural, often dealing with the mystical and paranormal aspects of Marvel Comics. Frank Castle aka the Punisher, on the other hand, is a well-oiled, one-man fighting machine who believes in the wrong end of the gun barrel is the only way to achieve true justice. What happens when you combine both to create a whole new superhero? We give you the Cosmic Ghost Rider. The cosmic Ghost Rider has the power of Zarathos as well as is imbued with the abilities of Power Cosmic. He is a true force of nature in each and every sense of the word. Presenting

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 1. Hell Cycle

Powers and Abilities of Cosmic Ghost Rider

The Hell Cycle is the Ghost Rider’s most signature equipment. The very name of the Ghost Rider indicates the guy rides something really cool. In the comics, the Ghost Rider’ Hell Cycle is made out of pure and unadulterated hell-fire and it is the energy source that powers it as well. No matter the steepness or composition of the surface, the Hell Cycle allows the Ghost Rider to ride through anywhere. The Cosmic Ghost Rider’s Hell Cycle is not just powered by Hellfire but also Power Cosmic. The Cosmic Ghost Rider’s ride is so fast it is several times faster than light. Frank Castle once used it to travel from one end of the galaxy to another, in a matter of seconds.

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 2. Immortality

Powers and Abilities of Cosmic Ghost Rider

The Ghost Rider cannot be killed. That is the truth the Marvel Comic Book Universe has to live with. As long as the fires of Zarathos burn deep within Frank Castle, he will always come back from the dead. But there are still ways to kill the Ghost Rider. If the Rider is completely disintegrated, there is no chance he could be resurrected. But once endowed with the ability to manipulate cosmic energy, even that flaw was also dealt with. The gift of Power Cosmic gave the Cosmic Ghost Rider one insane ability – even after he is disintegrated, the Cosmic Ghost Rider can rearrange his body, atom by atom, and reform his essence and soul from scratch.

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 3. Power Cosmic

Powers and Abilities of Cosmic Ghost Rider

The Power Cosmic is how Galactus became the most powerful entity in the Universe. It is an all-encompassing ability that allows its wielder access to fantastical abilities which include but are not limited to reality manipulation and energy projection. The Cosmic Ghost Rider has the ability to use Power Cosmic to create force fields as well as project humongous amounts of energy with it. For both defensive and offensive purposes, the Power Cosmic has proven to be really handy. It also allows the Cosmic Ghost Rider to manipulate substances at a molecular level.

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 4. The Penance Stare

Powers and Abilities of Cosmic Ghost Rider

The Penance Stare is the Ghost Rider’s most powerful ability till date. Using the pain that a criminal has inflicted on others and making the bad guy feel all that at the same time in a split second is enough to break open a soul. The pain is so much sometimes that even the most seasoned criminal will go insane or even die if exposed to the stare for long. Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch have both been able to use the Penance Stare to maximum efficiency to take down foes way bigger and stronger than the. The Penance Stare has only one criterion to be fulfilled for it to actually work – the target must feel some remorse for all the bad things he or she has done in the past.

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 5. Godlike Strength

Powers and Abilities of Cosmic Ghost Rider

Although he may look very lean and slim, the Cosmic Ghost Rider is the true example of never judging a book by its cover. The Ghost Rider, even without the Power cosmic, was strong enough to fight the World Breaker Hulk to a standstill, which is saying something. Now with the Power cosmic, his strength has shot through the roof. To give you an example, the Ghost Rider has gone toe to toe with some of the most physically powerful entities in the Marvel Universe. The Hulk, Thanos, and even Galactus have traded fists with the Cosmic Ghost Rider. Guess who always came out on top?

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 6. Chains of Hellfire

Powers and Abilities of Cosmic Ghost Rider

The Chains of the Cosmic Ghost Rider are imbued with both mystical abilities and cosmic properties. As a result, it has the abilities from both ends of the Cosmic Ghost Rider’s power curve. The Hellfire chains act according to the will of the Ghost Rider and will move around as he wishes to. They can also stretch indefinitely and are nigh unbreakable. The Cosmic abilities allow it to be extremely powerful and can bind even beings a hundred times more powerful than him. The Hulk, Thanos, and even Galactus are nothing but small-fry once the Cosmic Ghost Rider takes his chains out for a spin.

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 7. Super Cosmic Energy Weaponry

Powers and Abilities of Cosmic Ghost Rider

He may be the Ghost Rider from the outside but inside, he is still Frank Castle, the guy who loves to bring the pain to the house of evil using the most traditional and conventional ways possible – Guns, lots and lots of guns. Even after becoming the Cosmic Ghost Rider, Frank Castle’s thirst for projectile weaponry knew no end. So he decided to make the guns part of his standard arsenal. But this time, things were a little bit different. The guns were powered by magic and the Power Cosmic and therefore had unlimited ammo. They were also powerful enough to kill beings like Uatu the Watcher.

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 8. Hellfire Manipulation

Powers and Abilities of Cosmic Ghost Rider

The ability to control fire is a deadly skill. Human Torch, Pyro and Firestar are walking weapons of mass destruction because of their ability to generate and/or manipulate fire. But the Ghost Rider’s case is different. Ghost Rider cannot just control fire but also generate and manipulate a limitless supply of Hellfire, which is just Fire 2.0. Hellfire is just the fire found in the deepest, hottest pits of hell. The most well-known ability of Hellfire is that it is immune to water and can burn individuals not just physically but also their spirit form. That is a deadly ability right there.

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 9. Blood Manipulation

Powers and Abilities of Cosmic Ghost Rider

This is probably the most unique ability seen in any of the Ghost Riders that came before Frank Castle. There have been instances where Frank Castle has used the ability to bend blood to make the enemy bend the knee. And to top it off – the Cosmic Ghost Rider can do whatever he wants once he taps into the blood of his victims. That makes the Ghost Rider the flaming skull equivalent of a vampire. And not just that with the Power cosmic running through his veins he can enhance this blood manipulation power a million times! He could drain the blood off of an entire species if he wants to in just a few minutes.

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 10. Cosmic Penance Stare

Powers and Abilities of Cosmic Ghost Rider

The Cosmic Penance Stare is the ultimate ability of the Cosmic Ghost Rider. It is a newly discovered ability only found in Frank Castle’s version of the host of the Spirit of Vengeance. With the Penance Stare, the Ghost Rider has the ability to make any sinner repent their sins by reflecting back all the pain the bad guy had inflicted on others throughout his or her lifetime.

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Powers and Abilities of Cosmic Ghost Rider

But there is one major flaw in this ability – villains like Blackheart, than do not feel remorse for their actions, will be immune to the Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare and will be completely unharmed no matter how long Ghost Rider uses it on them. When Frank Castle gained the ability of the Ghost Rider as well as the Power cosmic, he took things up a notch by charging the Penance Stare with Cosmic Energy. As a result, the Cosmic Penance Stare can turn any target the Ghost Rider locks his eyes with to dust, and now it doesn’t matter whether the guy feels remorse or not. The consequences will still be just the same – a dried-out husk.

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