7 EPIC Comic-Book Storylines That Were Wasted Onscreen

There are a lot of storylines or characters that kill it in the comic book. But these comics when converted into full feature films, are nothing but true disappointments to the audience. The reasons could be many, be it their special effects problems, or the actors being incapable of delivering the roles or just bad stories, which have been cut to make a two and a half hour flick. Here is a list of 7 comic storylines which are one of the best in the comic book but were shit on screen:

Venom Saga

Yeah, you all knew the Venom saga was going to be on this list. Eddie Brock, one of the fiercest villains in the lives of both Peter Parker and Spider-Man was a formidable foe. From being one of the most fearsome villains to a great anti-hero the character has had a great journey of his own, this character and his arc were tarnished, to say the least on screen in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3.

Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix Saga from the X-Men comics is one of the best storylines, not just of X-Men or Marvel comics but in general of the comicverse. The storyline is about Jean Grey being taken over by the Dark Phoenix. This saga has many great deaths, a really powerful Jean Grey, a great Cyclops who’s turned to the dark side. All this and then some more moments, this storyline was turned into absolute shit when we saw the film X-Men: The Last Stand. Characters were killed off without any reason, there were a lot of cringeworthy moments as well as the post credits scene too was trash. A new Dark Phoenix film is in the making, let’s see what Fox brings for us this time.

The Mutant Cure Saga

Mutant cure saga aging is one of X-Men’s best storylines. The cure developed as a mutant- antigen was something that all the mutant kind was afraid of. The film however ruined an epic by bringing an alternate version in the role of Stryker and making him responsible for all of this. The film just had too much content which was poorly executed.

Green Lantern: Secret Origin

What was an epic in the comics, came to be nothing less that utter nonsense when it was brought to the big screen. At the time when Green Lanter film was being planned, Geoff Johns started writing the storyline, Secret Origin. The story gave an origin story of the character, which totally bombed on screen. Not just his origin, but also the biggest villains were used. Even after the technology being advanced and the budget being high the special effects were pathetic.

Age Of Apocalypse

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse is a storyline which was probably one of the best if not the best from the X-Men comics. The story had everything in it, with the correct amount of drama to Xavier, in the end, killing Apocalypse. The issue when came in the form of a film was not so good, not even close actually as it was nothing but a poor rip off of the original beauty. The film did not just have a convoluted past but also Fox’s attempts to compete with Marvel went down the drain with a mighty character like Apocalypse being turned into a laughing stock.

The Dark Knight Returns


One of the best works of the legendary Frank Miller, ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ is something that the fans will never forget. The beautiful storyline leading to an epic battle between Batman and Superman was totally another feather in the hat for the film. Apart from that the story also pictured an old gritty Batman and a one eyed Green Arrow. While Batman VS Superman, the film based on this storyline although had the almost same Batsuit, both the armored one and the normal one, but failed to have even an iota of the spark that the original story had.

The Night Gwen Stacy Died


While this has to be one of the most iconic death stories of all time, having the first time a villain murders a hero’s love interest, also having Spider-Man’s webbing kill his own love, this storyline when came to the big screen didn’t have such an impact, as Peter recovered from the incident like it was nothing and also the making of the sequel stopped.

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