Major Marvel Super Villain Brought Back From The Dead in King Thor

Marvel Super Villain Brought Back From Dead in King Thor:

Loki, Malekith, Hela, Surtur, and the Frost Giants – they are but mere shadows on the wall. Thor, the God of Thunder, has faced a busload of supervillains. But the one that had almost managed to get his upper hand is the one that always elided Thor’s divine wrath and judgment. And no, it is not Loki. And that Villain, who had been killed not so long ago, has returned from the afterlife, to terrorize the God from Asgard again.

SPOILER ALERT: MAJOR Spoilers for King Thor #1 up ahead. Enter at your own risk..

Superhero Fight King Thor vs Loki

As a great man once said, good things are only good in small quantities. The legendary comic book writer Jason Aaron will bid his final adieu to the Thor issues when he pens the King Thor saga. Right after Marvel rebirthed itself post the Marvel NOW launch, Aaron had been hard at work essaying the exploits of the God of Thunder in a new and thunderous adventure. Esad Ribic, Aaron’s Wingman, who was the artist responsible for creating the illustrations in Thor: God of Thunder is also returning to help Aaron execute his final ride with Thor.

Marvel Super Villain Brought Back From Dead in King Thor

The entire team is back, trying to bring closure to Aaron’s sag. But wait’s that is not all. Apart from the return of legacy characters like King Thor, there is the surprise return of one other famous Thor supervillain. And that is the guy we are talking about. King Thor #1 reveals the return of Gorr, The God Butcher.

Marvel Super Villain Brought Back From Dead in King Thor

The God Butcher debuted first time in Thor: God of Thunder #2. He belonged to a distant planet where he lost his entire family and friends. After losing all faith in the Gods who never came to save his loved ones, Gorr gained the All-Black Necro Sword. The Necro-Sword allows Gorr to kill anybody he wishes. It was created by Knull, the God of symbiotes and is a weapon powerful enough to slice a Celestial in half. Gorr then wages his one-man crusade against all Gods. And soon he crosses paths with Thor and the Asgardians.

Marvel Super Villain Brought Back From Dead in King Thor

Gorr was a powerful foe. He was too much for Thor to handle. His skills in the battlefield and sharp and witty resourcefulness made him extremely formidable. To top it all off, he even had the Necro-Sword, one of the Universe’s most powerful weapons. It took not one but three Thors, each hailing from a different timeline, to kill Gorr and get rid of him for good. Gorr met his demise after the younger Thor beheaded Gorr in Thor: God of Thunder #11 after battling with him for almost a year.

Marvel Super Villain Brought Back From Dead in King Thor

In King Thor #1, we see Loki in possession of the Necri-Sword. The God of Mischief now calls himself the God of Butchers. Loki and King Thor take their fight to a cosmic level, with each one trading fists that shook mountains. King Thor almost loses the battle, with Loki ready to deal the killing blow when he is stabbed from behind by the same Necro Sword. The attacker is revealed to be Gorr the God Butcher, alive and kicking.

The question that arises now is that – how is Gorr alive!! Wasn’t he supposed to be missing ahead? And how is he in possession of the Necro Sword? Loki is supposed to be the wielder of All Black, not Gorr. Are there two Necro Swords in the Marvel Universe? That is theoretically impossible!

Marvel Super Villain Brought Back From Dead in King Thor

But there is a simple explanation for that. Gorr has waged his war against Godhood across galaxies. While battling the Time Gods, he came across a location called the Pool of Forevers. The Pool of Forevers allows Gorr to travel back and forth in time. That could be the simple explanation we need to answer all our queries.

Marvel Super Villain Brought Back From Dead in King Thor

The Gorr we see is not the dead Gorr being brought back to life but the God Butcher from the past that used the Pool of Forevers to travel to the future.  How is King Thor going to deal with that?!

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