10 of Thor’s Most Powerful Villains – Ranked From Least To Most Powerful

Thor is the God of Thunder. In his insane adventures to save Asgard and Earth from certain doom, he has encountered his fair share of super powerful villains. Some of them are even Gods to men. Presenting 10 of the most powerful villains of Thor – Ranked…

10. The Executioner

The Executioner is one of Thor’s most recurring foes. He has teamed up with the Enchantress and the Masters of Evil to unsuccessfully take down Thor. His strength is on par with the God of Thunder’s and his magical axe can cut through anything and create dimensional portals.

9. Malekith

Malekith is the King of the Dark Elves and a powerful practitioner of Dark Faerie magic – an ancient art that can grant its user any wish he/she desires. Malekith is a sadist and a master manipulator. When his own immensely powerful abilities aren’t enough, he will force the others to do his own bidding.

8. Ragnarok


What would happen if Thor decided to become evil? We give you Ragnarok. Ragnarok was created by Tony Stark and Reed Richards using Thor’s DNA to help the pro-registration forces during the Civil War storyline. The cyborg had all the powers of Thor but none of the moral code. It soon went rogue and even killed Goliath, another superhero.

7. Amora the Enchantress

Do not let her meek form fool you. Amora is one of the most deadliest practitioners of Magic in Asgard. She has used her spells to single-handedly defeat Nightmare in his own dimension and almost killed Doctor Strange. Amora’s infatuation with Thor is legendary. But Thor has rebuked her advances so she has made it her lifelong mission that if she can’t have Thor, no one else can.

6. Hela

Hela is the Goddess of Hell and ruler of the underworld. A great prophecy foretold that Hela will one day be the Doom of Asgard so Odin sentenced her into exile. She then settled over Hel, the Asgardian Underworld. Hela is an immensely powerful God. She can fire bolts of energy that can kill immortals, time travel and use her death touch to kill any being in the known universe.

5. Loki

Loki is Thor’s Half brother. He may not have Thor’s strength or his hammer but he is too dangerous to ignore. Loki has immense control over the forces of Magic which he has used to great effect. He once punched a building and turned it into rubble with one hit. He has used magical concussive blasts to hurt the Silver Surfer, a wielder of the Power Cosmic (the greatest energy source in the Marvel Universe).

4. The Serpent


Cul Borson is the Brother of Odin. Odin feared Cul so much that he was even willing to leave Asgard and take his people to Earth if that’s what it takes to escape him. Cul is the God of Fear. He was responsible for the events of ‘Fear Itself’. Cul once ripped Captain America’s shield apart with his bare hands, resurrect the dead and could even create his own version of Asgard if he wanted to.

3. The Destroyer

The Destroyer is basically just armor. So it is the guy who is controlling the Destroyer that needs to be caught. But that hasn’t stopped Destroyer from being one of Thor’s most powerful adversaries. The Destroyer is made of a metal stronger than Thor’s hammer and has taken down the Hulk, Thor and even the Celestials.

2. Galactus


The Devourer of Worlds is mostly a Fantastic Four enemy. But once in a while, Galactus has fought with the God of Thunder as well. Galactus used to be a being that lived in a universe that predated ours. After the Big Bang, he was infused with the Power Cosmic and a relentless hunger for energy that he satiated by devouring planets. Galactus can create wormholes, warp reality as he sees fit and destroy entire civilizations.

 1. Surtur


Surtur is the king of the Fire Giants and the Ruler of Muspelheim, the dimension of fire. Surtur is as old as Odin himself and is the greatest foe to all of creation. He sits on his seat with his incredibly powerful Twilight sword in one hand waiting for the end of time so that he can destroy all life in this universe. Surtur is more of a force of nature and even Thor fears him. Whenever Thor faces Surtur, the latter’s primary task is to trap him and not kill him as Surtur is Unkillable.

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