10 Brutally Savage Acts of Wolverine That Will Make You Tremble in Fear

Wolverine is the one man Killing Machine. His claws have ended the lives of millions. He is not an Animal. He is THE animal. As one of the fiercest superheroes to ever exist in any universe, James Howlett is not someone to be taken lightly. He is a force of nature. And his superhuman longevity has given him quite a life span, and that has allowed him to be around for quite a while now. Throughout his life, Wolverine has done things, things so terrible that they are almost unspeakable. Wolverine may look like a superhero and even act like one, but behind that grim smirk is a life riddled with savagery and brutality of the highest order. Presenting – 10 Brutally Savage Acts of Wolverine that will make you tremble in fear!!

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Committing Patricide


Wolverine was born as James Howlett, the son of a rich noble, hundreds of years ago. After he started developing mutant abilities, things started to change. His father realized that Wolverine was not his son but the result of a despicable affair between his wife and the infamous Thomas Logan. When Mr. Howlett decided to end Logan’s life to cover up the shame, Wolverine lashed out. Not able to control his animalistic rage, Wolverine killed his own father in a moment of anger. When you kill your own father in cold blood, it changes you. This was the beginning of the journey that would make James Howlett the Wolverine. Logan truly was Thomas Logan’s son. His father was a murderer and killing people was in his blood.

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Has killed almost every major Marvel character


Wolverine is an all-around violent guy. But trust us he is still trying to keep it under control. Want to know how he really is when he unleashes all the pent up anger in him?? In a particular alternate reality what-if story arc, HYDRA kidnaps Wolverine and brainwashes him. He then becomes Hydra’s version of the Terminator. His only job is to kill and kill as many as possible. Wolverine’s rage hits a record high and he kills almost every major Marvel superhero. He even manages to kill Magneto, someone who he is almost powerless against. After Magneto, he kills Spiderman, the Fantastic Four and even Luke Cage. There is no stopping this guy if he loses his cool.

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Abandoning his almost dead team-mate


It is common knowledge that Wolverine has a thing for Jean Grey. And Jean Grey is unfortunately with Cyclops. So the uneasy love triangle kind of makes things more interesting in the X-Men sometimes. Wolverine is crazy for Jean but Jean does not give a damn about his feelings. And that is why Scott Summers and James Howlett are eternal rivals. One time though, he did something insanely brutal. To clear his way and end the Love triangle once and for all, Wolverine left Cyclops to die. After seeing his body tumbling down, Wolverine just left him there, thinking that Cyclops’ death will help Logan get close to Jean. Cyclops survived. And he was none too happy about what happened.

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Cheating Death


Wolverine cannot die, right?? Wrong!! With the right tools at your disposal, you can kill anyone. Magneto is the perfect enemy for Wolverine. Since Magneto can control metals with just a wave of his hands, Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton, his greatest weapon, becomes his greatest weakness against the master of magnetism. In the Fatal Attractions arc, Magneto finally decided to end Wolverine’s life once and for all by ripping the adamantium out of his body. Just think about it – your entire skeleton being pulled out of your body. Nobody could survive that. Not Wolverine though. Even almost certain death is not enough to stop his healing factor from regenerating an entire skeleton out of scratch.

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Dismember Sabretooth


Wolverine and Sabretooth are eternal rivals. So much so that every year, Sabretooth would find Wolverine on the latter’s birthday and make him bite the dust, just so Wolverine could be reminded that Sabretooth is always out to get him. After so many years of rivalry, Wolverine was so fed up with Sabretooth that he proceeded with his plan to end his life once and for all. Using the mystical Muramasa Blade, Wolverine fought Sabretooth in a one on one battle to the death. The Muramasa blade can kill an immortal like Sabretooth. But before decapitating him, Wolverine cut of Sabretooth’s limbs to make him pay for all the things that he has done to the clawed maniac.

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Drowning his own son


Wolverine actually has a son named Daken. Daken has all the powers of Wolverine but he grew up all alone and without a father, so he does not have the same moral compass as Wolverine does. Daken would join the Dark Avengers impersonating his own father. Wolverine, who had given enough chances to Daken to mend his ways, fought his own son for one last time. As he went for the kill, Wolverine envisioned a different scenario where Daken grows up under his care to become the man he wanted him to be. He finally drowns his own son and cradles his life-less body as he sings his son a final lullaby.

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Surviving a nuclear explosion


Now that is what we call badass. Wolverine has stood right in front of a nuclear bomb and taken the full force of it only to shrug it off like it was a bad rash. The nuclear bomb in question is actually a mutant called Nitro, who has the power to literally explode his own body and his blasts could be as powerful as atomic blasts. When Nitro saw Wolverine survive his greatest attack, he was taken aback as he only replied that maybe the heat of the explosion was not as great as Nitro claimed anyway.

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Burst out of the Hulk’s stomach


In the Old Man Logan universe, the Hulk now controls California in a dystopian future where the superheroes have been wiped out. Logan is a tenant that rented out a property from the Hulk and was out on a job to pay him back since he was short on cash. The Hulk’s children came to collect while he was away and angry that Logan was not around, killed his family. Old Man Logan returned to see his family dead. Now enraged, Logan took out all of the Hulk’s Children but was unable to murder the Hulk, who defeated him by literally eating him. Wolverine’s healing factor kicked in while he was in the Green Goliath’s stomach and burst out of him when he got the chance, killing the Hulk in the process.

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Stabbing a man’s brain (Multiple Times)


In one storyline, Wolverine went after a group that had killed dozens of innocent children. He picked them out one by one, brutally murdering each one. But he saved their leader for the last. This guy had conditioned his body to feel no pain, so clawing or hacking his limbs did not do the trick. Since his body felt no pain and Wolverine wanted to make the guy feel it, he decided to go for the brain itself. Several times, he hacked the guy’s brains out, as the poor chap could only look in horror at his own dismembered cerebrum.

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Killing every supervillain in the Marvel Universe


In yet another What-If storyline, Wolverine was captured by Apocalypse and turned into his Horseman of War. Wolverine found it in him to do the right thing by turning on Apocalypse himself. He did not stop there though. Apocalypse’s modifications gave him record high rage. Her vents out that anger by killing every criminal and the super villain he could find. Sabretooth, Arcade, Juggernaut, Mystique and even Magneto fell to his rampage. He became so lethally dangerous that the entire world’s military had to band together to stop him. He was never captured. He escaped the most powerful governments in the world by hiding in plain sight. He took on the identity of Brother Xavier, a peaceful monk. He would maintain his cover for a long time.

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