10 Most Powerful Members of Secret Avengers – Ranked

The world was in a perilous state in Marvel Comics when America chose its newest President – Norman Osborn. The Green Goblin was not at all happy with how things were working out in the United States and realized that the law needs to keep a check on the order of things in a world where superheroes run amok. Norman Osborn sanctioned an order to form a new superhero team that will act as its secret right hand. This team will be used to undertake missions that were of national importance but lay on the grey areas of human morality. Captain America was chosen as the leader of this team, which was then called the Secret Avengers – a government backed, Black-Ops Avengers unit that worked secretly and swiftly to neutralize threats. With the passage of time, the team has had a huge roster of members. But only few of them were top notch when it comes to strength and power. Presenting – 10 Most Powerful Members of Secret Avengers – Ranked

 1. Captain America

Secret Avengers Marvel

Captain America was personally chosen by the President of the United States to become the leader of the Secret Avengers team and the government’s chief law enforcement officer. As a superhero, Captain America has proven his mettle both on and off the battlefield. He is not only a capable leader but also a very adept fighter. The Super Soldier Serum flowing through his veins always keeps Steve Rogers at perfect human physical condition. The years and years of training also make him an invaluable asset, his experience in handling situations now becoming extremely toned and chiselled. Captain America is also a very talented tactician and strategist and is the most level headed member of the team.

 2. Moon Knight

Secret Avengers Marvel

Moon Knight is perfectly suited to be a part of Secret Avengers. He was already a mercenary with almost years of experience in conducting successful assassinations before he became Moon Knight. After being blessed by the Moon God of Egypt, Khonshu, he gained superhuman strength and durability. His powers were dependent on the availability of moonlight. Under a full moon, he is practically unstoppable. If there is no moonlight, then Moon Knight is just a regular guy with battle and close combat expertise. Moon Knight is also highly unpredictable. His fighting style involves violent techniques that are sometimes self-harming. He is crazy and he is a Secret Avenger. That is a deadly combination.

 3. Giant Man

Secret Avengers Marvel

Not Scott Lang but the one we are talking about is Hank Pym, the first Ant Man. Hank Pym saw an increase in panel presence in the comic books after it was revealed that he was one of the superheroes that were replaced by the Skrulls during the Secret Invasion arc. Giant Man was later tasked with leading both the Avengers Academy as well as a crucial role in the Avengers. He was also part of the secretive Illuminati group so he had access to some vital pieces of information at all times. He also has a genius level intellect. Couple all that with his usage of Pym Particles that can shrink as well as enlarge any object, Giant Man is a force to be reckoned with as a Secret Avenger.

 4. War Machine

Secret Avengers Marvel

One of the most underrated superheroes in Marvel Comics, James Rhodes is Iron Man’s best friend and his closest confidante. He pilots a suit made up of similar technology as the Iron Man suit but with a lot of additional firepower. At one point of time, Rhodey took up the role of Iron Man after Tony Stark lost his company and fell into the pits of alcoholism. After Tony returned a sober man and took back his mantle, Rhodey became Ear Machine again. Rhodey’s Wear Machine suit uses a unique targeting and firepower management system that makes the suit’s destructive abilities equivalent to a small army. The current version of the suit that War Machine was seen brandishing in the latest pages of Secret Avengers was the Variable Threat Response Battle Suit.

 5. Agent Venom

Secret Avengers Marvel

We all know Eddie Brock, the first Venom. But do you know that Flash Thompson, the high school bully that made Peter Parker’s life miserable during his school days is now a superhero? Flash Thompson joined the military right after he finished his college degree and returned home a disabled man. The Venom symbiote bonded with Flash and not only gave him back the ability to walk again but a range of other superhuman attributes. Agent Venom uses his military training and expertise in conjunction with his super powers in the battlefield.

 6. Captain Britain

Secret Avengers Marvel

Brian Braddock is the brother of popular mutant superhero Psylocke. He is also Britain’s version of Captain America called Captain Britain. Captain Britain was born after Merlyn, the legendary magician from the Arthurian legends, gifted him the Amulet of Right. Captain Britain is a seasoned superhero veteran and has many powerful abilities. He can fly and run at supersonic speeds and has the superhuman physical attributes of strength, durability, stamina, endurance, and reflexes. Captain Britain’s powers are dependent on his emotional state of mind. The more confident he is, the more powerful he is.

 7. The Human Torch

There are actually two Human torches in Marvel Comics. The one we are talking about is Jim Hammond, the android Human Torch, who was the first of his name in Marvel Comics. He fought alongside Captain America, fighting Nazi forces in World War Two. The Mad Thinker then stole the deactivated Human Torch and repurposed it to fight for him. After Jim Hammond defeated the Mad Thinker, he became a part of the Secret Avengers. He quit the team after he was brainwashed by a group called the Descendants and acted as their double agent in the team. But even for a disgraced superhero, he is still pretty powerful. The Torch once withstood a nuclear blast at point blank range and came back stronger than ever. Yeah, he is THAT powerful.

 8. Nova

Secret Avengers Marvel

Called the Human Rocket, Richard Rider aka Nova is part of the Nova Corps – an interplanetary force of peace keepers hailing from Xandar. Rider became Nova when he was just a teenager and he did not know how to use his powers to its fullest. He slowly learned the true extent of his abilities. He can fly at super-sonic speeds, even in space. He also has superhuman strength and speed. His greatest ability is his energy manipulation powers. He can absorb crazy amounts of energy and release it as he wishes it to. Nova was the person tasked by the Secret Avengers for investigating events in other planets and the unknown void of space.

 9. Valkyrie

Secret Avengers Marvel

In the comic books, Valkyrie is the leader of the Valkyrior, a group of warriors that are the sworn enemies of the Enchantress. Valkyrie has grown to become one of the strongest Asgardians ever. She was elected by Odin himself to be in his personal royal guard. Valkyrie was a major member of the Defenders and later joined the Secret Avengers. She left the team by the time Fear Itself happened. She uses her proficient close combat skills in the battlefield.

 10. The Hulk

Secret Avengers Marvel

He is the strongest Avenger. There is no one that comes even close to matching the Jade Giant’s raw strength. The Hulk is practically invincible once he gets mad enough. He can never die and even if he does, will come back to life no matter what. His strength makes him a God. His healing powers coupled with his bulletproof skin make him a greener version of the Juggernaut. The Hulk was part of the team but left it after he found out that no other member actually trusted him. When the Secret Avengers team needed someone strong enough to take down A.I.M’s Iron Patriot Drones!

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