Origin Story of the Joker Revealed

The Joker is arguably the best villain not only in the Dc universe but in all comics. His psychotic behavior and a constant need to feed Gotham with chaos sure is a thing, but what adds to this character is the mystery behind his identity. Though it is said that even the Joker doesn’t remember his origin, there have been quite a few origins to the villain who always has the last laugh. Here are some of them:

The Killing Joke

With no money in his pocket to meet the expenses of a pregnant wife or to pay the rent, the unfunny stand-up comedian, Joker agrees to the join a group in their plan of a heist, where he’s asked to put on the Red Hood’s mask, a criminal identity of a notorious gang’s leader, which he then does, but then something in the plan goes wrong and the gang is faced by the Batman. Terrified to his soul, the Joker, trying to escape he falls into a dump of chemical waste after which, he never was the same.

Batman Gotham Knights

In this storyline, the heist in which the Joker was in as the Red Hood, goes wrong and it is the others involved in the heist, who consider this his fault and as a result of which light his house on fire, with his wife still in it. This was this, that worked as the last development and drove the Joker insane.

Batman Confidential

In this issue, a different take was taken into consideration on the Joker, here his character was already a criminal, an amazing strategist, whose plans never failed, and because of this, he got ‘bored’. With no regard for human life, Joker even tried to commit suicide, but then came Batman, fighting criminals and restoring law in Gotham. The Joker found this entertaining and it has been since that he’s never stopped.

The Brave and the Bold

Here Atom had to enter the Joker’s brain to cure him of a disease, but when he enters his mind he sees that even as a kid Joker had violent tendencies when his parents argue what to do about him, he calmly trapped them in their own house and set it on fire.

New 52


Herein, Joker is raised by his abusive aunt and in school too bullied by his classmates. When he grows up, he becomes the leader of the Red Hood gang, where even all his subordinates wear Red Hoods, it is also told that he got inspiration from Thomas and Martha Wayne’s murder. To him, it was all about the randomness of their deaths and the fear it created, which made him build his own empire.

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