13 Batman Villains That Are So Scary AF That They Should Never be in The DCEU

As far as the superhero rogues gallery goes, no one in the history of the comic book universe comes even close to how rich, vast and diverse Batman’s rogues’ gallery of villains is. Twoface, Clayface, the Joker, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc – all of them are iconic and popular in their own way. And Batman has defeated each and every one of them. But they keep popping up from time to time, ready to strike fear in the hearts of the men of Gotham City. While some managed to find their way to the movies, some are so damn mean and scary that they would be too evil to be featured in one. Presenting -13 Batman Villains that are so scary AF that they should never be in the DCEU!!

 13. Victor Zsasz

Batman Villains DCEU

When you think of a serial killer, you think of a deranged man who had been mentally and psychologically twisted for so long that he has lost the sense of right and wrong in this world and is just killing mercilessly out of no reason at all. Victor Zsasz is not a guy who had a sad childhood, or a bad day at work. He did not suffer trauma or loss. One fine day, Zsasz – a fine, healthy working male, snapped and became a serial killer. The reason – even he does not know. He now views the people as mindless zombies that need to be freed by killing them. Imagine – a guy like this at work, seamlessly blending in until he snaps. Anyone could be Victor Zsasz, and that is what makes him so scary.

 12. Jim Gordon Jr.

Batman Villains DCEU

This guy is so creepy he gives the Batman the creeps. We are not even kidding. As a prodigy whose IQ is probably way above than Batman’s, Jim Gordon Jr. has been a genius level psychopath from the very beginning of his childhood. Due to him being the son of the Police commissioner, he got away a number of times but his ‘social experiments’ – torturing his test subjects (who could be anyone) psychologically and mentally are so inhumane that he was forced to go into exile. He operated under Batman’s nose for so long without the latter noticing.

 11. Mr Bloom

Batman Villains DCEU

Mr Bloom was a mysterious persona who would end up providing superpowers to a select group of people who he would then send into Gotham to create havoc. In the absence of Batman aka Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon and his Gotham city backed Batman styled battle-suit proved to be too weak a match for Mr Bloom. Bloom is a villain who would fit right into a mysterious entity that appears from the shadows to terrorize the good guys. When Bruce Wayne finally broke out of his retirement slumber, even hje had a hard time dealing with this villain.

 10. Mad Hatter

Batman Villains DCEU

At first glance, the guy looks harmless. Jervis Tetch was a harmless little fella until he became obsessed with the fantasy book Alice in Wonderland. In an attempt to recreate his own adventures with an Alice of his choice, Mad Hatter would kidnap innocent girls to see if they fit right in. The reason Mad Hatter is included on this list is because the twisted way with which people view characters from children fairy tales if they end up on the right side of the curve.

 9. Jane Doe

Batman Villains DCEU

Imagine your whole life flashing before your eyes. Now imagine there is someone like Jane Doe out there that can replace you with his life, do all the tasks you do as part of your day to day activities and nobody will be able to know that it is the wrong person. Jane Doe has the unique ability to shift her form and shape to disguise herself into anyone. She cannot withstand bullets but she has taken care of herself inside the most ruthless of prison facilities. When she is not an inmate in a super-max prison, she passes her time doing contract killings and spontaneous murder sprees of her own.

 8. Charaxes

Batman Villains DCEU

Killer Moth always had a hard time being taken seriously. It was not like he did not have what it takes to become a super-villain. In fact, Killer Moth is perhaps one of the strongest non-super powered villains in Batman’s Rogues Gallery. But the writers who wrote him into story arcs never took the guy seriously. One time, even Barbara Gordon was able to outsmart the guy. So Killer Moth did the only sensible thing – summoned Necron, demon lord of hell, and wished to increase his powers so that people could take him seriously. Killer moth ended up becoming a grotesque monster who east his victims alive after encasing them in cocoons made out of his own saliva.

 7. Clayface

Batman Villains DCEU

One of the most classic Batman villains, Clayface is a good example of body horror, a genre of horror that has lost its charm in the recent years. Clayface’s abilities would not only make him a formidable opponent but also an even creepier foe. The unique physiological characteristics of Clayface make him one of the most versatile characters ever in the DC Comics Universe. In one animated episode, Clayface spawned of a small child out of his own body. A part of his clayed body was ejected out which became a child with sentience and conscience of his own. The child was then absorbed back into his body. That is how creepy this guy is.

 6. Professor Pyg

Batman Villains DCEU

What do you get when you couple the English accent with a mad surgeon? We give you – Professor Pyg. Pyg was a wild-child of Grant Morrison. The guy drew him on a whim and the fans loved him. The sheer amount of fear this guy managed to instil in the hearts of the readers was enough for DC to bring him back with full force. Pyg is now a classic, recurring Batman villain who loves to mutilate people, lobotomize innocent civilians and replace their faces with doll faces. Expect Pyg to appear in the future DC movies pretty soon. The guy is unstoppable.

 5. Doctor Death

Batman Villains DCEU

Doctor Death has the distinction of being the first ever villain that Bruce Wayne faced after he became the Batman. A former employee of Wayne Enterprises, Doctor Death’s son died abruptly and the guy blamed Bruce Wayne for his death. In an act of revenge, he drank a serum that made his bones grow in an uncontrolled and accelerated pace until his body was barely human and recognisable.

 4. Court of Owls

Batman Villains DCEU

The Court of Owls are a secretive organization with the sole aim to control anything and everything in Gotham City. They have been Gotham’s Illuminati ever since the city was brought out of the bed rock. The court of Owls are not horror movie villains due to the creepy masks they were but due to their mode of operation, which is so secretive that they could be the evil organization bent on world domination in any horror conspiracy movie.

 3. Man-Bat

Batman Villains DCEU

Scientist Kirk Langstrom was a good guy. He was experimenting on the physical and genetic structure of bats when a freak lab accident exposed his body to mutagenic elements. Langstrom then becomes the Man-Bat, a creature that is always struggling to fight the dark side and maintain the light side. As one of the oldest Batman villains ever, Man-Bat is not inherently bad but due to the creatures survival instincts taking over, he has a tendency to hurt and kill people around him even though he does not want to.

 2. Flamingo

Batman Villains DCEU

Before this decade, Flamingo did not even exist. So why is he on this list? Look at the guy. Created by Grant Morrison, Flamingo wears pink biker suits and drives around in a customized motorcycle. He does not look that dangerous. Or is he? Looks can be deceiving. Flamingo is a cannibal. He eats people for food. How he does that is – he peels the face of your body and eats it in front of you as you watch in utter disbelief. His other hobbies include ripping out people’s eyes and make them watch as he consumes them.

 1. Hugo Strange

Batman Villains DCEU

Hugo Strange is no ordinary, run off the mill villain. He has the power of immense intelligence. He is a cold, calculative monster. As the world’s foremost expert in human psychology, Hugo Strange has used his skills to turn good men into psychologically twisted sociopaths using a few trigger words. That is how good he is. His other hobbies include conducting experiments on mentally challenged people and turn them into biological nightmares. The reason Batman cannot touch him is that he has already figured out Batman’s identity and is using it as protection against the Dark Knight.

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