33 Different Versions of Spider-Man Other Than Peter Parker In The Marvel Universe

How many Spidermen do you know of? If you think Peter Parker is the only one to assume the mantle, think again. There are 33 Different Versions of Spider-Man other than Peter Parker in the Marvel Universe!!! Let’s take a look:

Kang’s Spiderman Robot

The Robot Spiderman designed by Kang the Conqueror managed to beat the entire Avengers team by himself. He had all the powers of Spiderman and was only defeated when the real Spidey came along.

Medieval Spiderman

The Medieval Spiderman exists on the planet called Eurth. Technology hasn’t progressed since the Dark Ages where Spider fights alongside medieval versions of heroes like Iron Man and the Hulk.

House of M

The House of M storyline involves most of Earth’s Humanity being replaced with Mutants. Spider-man masquerades as a mutant even though he is not and actually leads a luxurious lifestyle he never had in the real timeline.

Manga Spiderman

The Japanese version of Spiderman’s real identity is Yu Komori. His origin story is similar to that of Peter Parker’s. The only difference is that this version of Spiderman has really whimsical villains. For example – the Kangaroo!!

MC2 Spiderman

The MC2 Universe is a possible future timeline that depicts the sons and daughters of present heroes taking the mantle. In that future timeline, Spiderman lost his leg to Green Goblin and his daughter May becomes the next web slinger.

Gerry Drew Spiderman

Gerry Drew is the son of Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman in the MC2 Universe. Gerry has all the abilities of Spiderman but a rare blood ailment is slowly killing him. He decides to become a superhero and fight crime during the last of his days in the world.

Zombie Spiderman

In a dark and twisted world where the Zombie Virus has turned every one into flesh eaters, Spider-man has also been turned into a cannibal. Every day, he regrets eating Aunt May and Mary Jane himself when the outbreak began.


In the Mutant X Universe, Spiderman was killed by the Goblin Queen and replaced with a six armed Spiderman Clone. He too was killed by the Goblin Queen at some point of time.

Powerless Peter

In the Powerless Miniseries, no superpowers exist in this version of the universe. When Peter Parker was bit by a radioactive spider, he lost his arm to atrophy rather than gain superpowers. He works as an internet-based journalist under the Web-Handle ‘Spiderman’.

1602 Spiderman

Different Versions of Spider-Man Marvel

Peter Parquagh is the apprentice of Nicholas Fury, the Royal Spymaster of the 1602 Universe. Peter comes dangerously close to being bitten by strange spiders but when it finally happens, thus begins Peter’s own adventure as a colonial superhero.

Spider-Man 2099

Miguel O’Hara is the Spider-man of the year 2099, a far flung dystopian future where different versions of characters from the Spider-man mythos exist. He also has cool new superpowers that are not available to Peter Parker.

Spiderman 2211

The 2211 version of Spiderman is called Max Borne. And his story is more tragic than the sinking of Titanic. Borne’s own daughter would become the Hobgoblin and later killed and he himself would be shot by Chameleon posing as Uncle Ben.

Spiderman Noir

What happens when you mix old gangster-crime drama tones with Spiderman mythos? You get Spiderman: Noir. Even today, Spiderman: Noir remains one of the most successful alternate versions of Spiderman.

Spiderman: India


In truly Indian fashion, Pavitr Prabhakar gains the powers of the Spider Spirit after a ritual that was supposed to summon the Goblin Demon goes awry. The Goblin Demon would later have a host in the name of Nalin Oberoi. Sound Familiar???

Spiderman Unlimited

Spiderman Unlimited was Marvel’s response to Batman Beyond. It failed to meet expectations. What it did achieve was introducing us to the awesome Marvel Villain known as the High Evolutionary.

Mac Gargan Spiderman

Mac Gargan is better known as the Scorpion. When Norman Osborn became The President of the USA, he formed the Dark Avengers where Gargan as the host to the Venom Symbiote, became an extremely evil version of Spiderman.

Ai Apaec

Ai Apaec was a South American Spider God that was sued by Normon Osborn to fill the role of the then deceased Gargan in the Dark Avengers. Ai would later be shrunk down and squished under the foot of the US Agent.

Spider Doppelganger

Spider Doppelganger was created as a clone by Magus, himself a clone of Adam Warlock. The guy is better remembered as one of the most well known supporting characters in the Maximum Carnage storyline.

Blood Spider

Blood Spider was trained in combat by the Red Skull and Taskmaster. He would later team up with evil versions of Hawkeye and Captain America – Jagged Bow and Death Shield, to take down the Avengers.

Web Man

Web Man was a clone of Spiderman created by Doctor Doom to take down Peter Parker. His costume was an interesting inversion of the classic Spiderman costume. The name doesn’t sound that original though.

Miles Morales

Miles Morales exists in the same universe as Peter Parker and is also known as Spiderman. Morales gained his powers when the radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his powers from the Oscorp laboratory was stolen by Miles’ uncle and which then accidentally bit him.

Ben Reilly

Ben Reilly is the infamous blond haired Spiderman clone that was created by the Jackal and was the epicenter of the highly unpopular Clone Saga. Ben Reilly is still in the Marvel Comics Universe and we still don’t know why he hasn’t been kicked out yet.


The Amalgam Universe combined marvel and DC heroes to give us all new characters. Spider-Boy or Pete Ross was the clone created by Project Cadmus under the leadership of Thunderbolt Ross. He also carried with him a web pistol to combat.


Kaine is the Spiderman clone that was rejected and disowned by Peter Parker himself. Starting up as an Anti-Hero, Kaine would later come to the good side as he still has Peter Parker’s morals in his genes and assumes the mantle of the Scarlet Spider.


An alternate version of Spiderman introduced into the Marvel Universe in the 90’s, Spidercide had the standard Spiderman powers in addition to the ability to grow to enormous sizes and popping out blades from any part of his body.

Peter Porker

Spider Pig exists!! Tom DeFalco’s hilarious creation, Peter was originally a spider that was bitten by May Porker to become the Spider-Pig. Spider-Pig later teams up with Gosse Rider and Deerdevil to defeat the bad guys and save the world.

Scarlet Spiders

The Scarlet Spider is actually a trio of Peter Parker clones from the Initiative during Dark Reign. They donned the Iron Spider Costume to become the Scarlet Spiders. It would only be later found out that they weren’t clones of Parker but another lesser known superhero called the MVP.

Steel Spider

Ollie Osnick started out as a Doctor Octopus wannabe. He is then saved by Spiderman and he starts idolizing the web-slinger, going so far as to remodel his suit to look like him. In the MC2 universe, he even joins the Avengers.

Dead Spider-man

In this alternate reality, Gwen Stacy is bitten by the Radioactive Spider while Peter Parker injects himself with Lizard DNA to become the Lizard. Peter then dies fighting Gwen Stacy and his death later teaches her the true value of being a hero.

Spiderman UK

William Braddock is a member of the Captain Britain Corps. He is a punk rocker, blond and foul-mouthed (in a British way). William is both Captain Britain and the Spiderman of his reality. He is also part of a superhero group from his universe called the Web warriors.

Electric Company Spider-man

The Electric Company Spiderman was a product of the 70’s and he is a part of Spiderman’s rising popularity in the youth of that generation. This version of Spiderman fought villains like the Sack and the Yeti.

Japanese TV Spider-man

The Japanese TV Shows have a tendency to dwell over to the strangely fantastic. One show featured Takuya Yamashiro, a motorcycle racer who found a UFO that gave him Spider powers. He later fights the Blem using his mechanized super robot called the Leopardan.

Turkish Spider-man

The Turkish Spiderman was a bit of an oddball. He was a part of a Turkish movie which featured Spiderman as the villain who is opposed by a Turkish Version of Captain America and a Mexican wrestler. Don’t ask!!!

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