5 Abilities of Captain America That Make Him The Most BADASS Combatant in Marvel

Captain America does not have superpowers, but the Super Soldier Serum(SSS) increased his overall potential and gave him super strength, agility, healing power, durability and enhanced mental processing. His drastic transformation from a feeble being to a man having high potential than humans gave him several abilities mentally and physically. Check out five best abilities why Captain America is the strongest hand-to-hand combatant.

1. Super Tactical Sense

Captain America aka Steve Rogers is a strong strategist and tactician. He can easily formulate the strategies on battle quickly and about the planet. And his super mental processing gives him the potential to alter the details amid any operation according to the predicament he faces. He has a strong vision and mind which helps him to remember every small detail around him.

2. Master Shield Fighter

Made from Adamantium, his shield adds more stars to his personality giving him a strong protection and ability to use it for multiple reasons allow him to reach the amazing feat. The shield enables him to hit various targets in one throw and can catch the shield again like a boomerang-type return.

3. Master Military Operator

Before he was injected with SSS, Steve Rogers got his military skills as he faced World War 2 and after that, he becomes a master of military operations like military interrogations, computers, explosives, handling communication systems, secret code languages and disguising.

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