10 Questions from the Hawkeye Trailer that Need Answering

It seems we will get to explore another one of the original Avengers with the upcoming Hawkeye series set to come out soon. There were a lot of fan theories surrounding the series as we had a lot of expectations and excitement regarding this project. Most of the shows are trying to give us a look at a completely original perspective of the character than the one we had been used to based on the movies. This is an interesting approach and rather enjoyable considering we get to see a lot more that was left unexplored in the movies. Now that the trailer for the series is out fans are trying to analyze to answer some questions regarding the series. Let’s look at some questions from the Hawkeye trailer that need to be addressed:

Ronin’s Acts?

We got a hint at what Hawkeye was up to during the aftermath of Avengers: Infinity War. Based on his introduction in the sequel Avengers: Endgame we got to see that he was busy cleaning the streets off by getting rid of people he believed should have been taken away instead of his family. The trailer of the series hinted at the fact that his time as Ronin had given him a lot of enemies but we are yet to know who these possible enemies are and what role they had played in order to face the wrath of Ronin.


Kate’s Intentions?

Kate clearly appears to be a fan of Hawkeye based on her reaction when she discovers that she was confronting the latter. She was acting out like an interpretation of Hawkeye’s Ronin and his works were being broadcasted by the media as a possible return of Ronin. We don’t get to know what was the driving force behind her doing these things. We are not shown if there’s a possibility that she was doing this for the sake of simply being a hero or maybe she has a deeper motive.


Hawkeye’s Arrows?

Questions from the Hawkeye Trailer

In the small amount of time the trailer had, it managed to lay down a lot of details regarding the series and most of it is still making us think about what we might witness in the series. An essential detail shared was the arrows that were shown and addressed at the different types of arrows he has. But the question remains on who was providing him with this wide variety of arrows.


Laura Barton?

While the trailer shows us Hawkeye’s kids we are not told anything about his wife. She was introduced in Avengers: Age Of Ultron as played by Linda Cardellini. Her absence in the trailer surely stands out and it makes us wonder if they are still together.

Where’s Yelena Belova?

The end credits of Black Widow confirmed that Yelena Belova will make an appearance in the series opposite Hawkeye. Fans expected to see her in the trailer for the series but her absence has us wondering how she will be introduced into the story. There’s a major chance that she will be driven towards killing Hawkeye but since we know her better we can expect her to realize the truth and take a positive side and help them along the way.


Rogers: The Musical?

As one of the most awesome details in the trailer, we got to discover a Rogers The Musical as a Broadway production. The stage performance also features other characters from the Avengers as background characters. This production might actually help us understand what was considered to have happened to Steve Rogers following the events of Avengers: Endgame.


Lucky The Pizza Dog?

Only true comic book fans of Hawkeye will know about Lucky. There was a particular issue of the comic books dedicated to showing the world from his perspective. He makes an appearance in the trailer for the series and it’s pretty clear that he will become an interesting character in the show. But the origins of the character are not known and it could be pretty interesting to see how they discover the golden retriever.


Hawkeye And The Avengers?

Questions from the Hawkeye Trailer

We don’t know much about any of the Avengers following the events of Avengers: Endgame. Hence this series could play an essential role in letting us know about what might have happened to the Avengers. Since the series mentions that he will now focus on catching up with his family we are left wondering if he will ever suit up again if some major event rolls out in the future of the MCU.


Blip’s Effect On Kate?

We hardly know anything about Kate Bishop, but since she is trying to follow in the footsteps of Ronin, it leaves us wondering whether she was able to survive during the blip in order to be able to know so much about Ronin. There is a major chance that the series might explore Kate’s past as means of her navigating into the path of being the hero and getting close to Hawkeye’s world.


Enemies of Hawkeye?

The series seems to be inspired a lot by the different arcs the character follows with a wide variety of villains who will be playing major roles in the series. Yelena is confirmed to appear on the show based on the end-credit scene of Black Widow. Other major villains set to appear might include Swordsman aka Jack Duquesne and others. With the trailer showing us some mafia characters appearing we can expect the series to make be packed with these villains making major plot points.

So these are all the Questions from the Hawkeye Trailer that should be answered in the coming future.

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