Morbius Will Appear In Doctor Strange 2 Because Of Darkhold

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has blown up after The Infinity Saga. But everyone is taking the expanded universe in their stride. Sony has even started to share characters with Marvel under the guise of the multiverse. No Way Home was a masterclass in superhero movie making. It brought together three generations of Spider-Men so that they could share their experiences and learn from each other. This makes us think how far their partnership will go. Seeing as Sony is making a lot of money because of the MCU, we think that they will be forthcoming for a long while. There is even a new theory suggesting that Morbius will appear in Doctor Strange 2.

But how is this possible? Morbius is yet to release and we are still unsure what kind of connection will he have with the rest of the SPUMC. But one can be sure that Venom will somehow get involved with the character in the future. This is because in the comics Dr. Morbius is one of the people who fuses with the Venom symbiote. Some of the powers that Venom has in the comics are because of this very fusion. So we can expect some interaction between these villains in the future. Maybe we will also get to see a more powerful Venom fighting Andrew Garfield in the SPUMC. But let us break down the possibility of this character jumping universes.


Morbius Will Appear In Doctor Strange 2

Multiverse of Madness is going to be crazy. Fans expect that Evil Strange will take us for a wild ride through the multiverse and wreak a lot of havoc in the MCU. But there is a small section of the fandom that believes that Wanda is the real villain of the movie. You see, a cataclysmic event is expected to kill off a chunk of the sorcerers protecting Earth. There is a good chance that Midnight Sons will assemble during the movie because of this. Now, it is common knowledge that Midnight Sons deal with supernatural threats.


There is no bigger supernatural threat in the MCU other than Wanda herself. She is in possession of the Darkhold and her affinity to Chaos Magic has never been stronger. So we expect that she will go wading through the universe and end up impeaching on the SPUMC. Since Morbius is due to release on 5th April, a whole month before Multiverse of Madness, it is possible that the after-credits scene will feature an implication of the multiversal event of Doctor Strange 2. Morbius may get transported to the MCU to kickstart the team-up.


Morbius Will Appear In Doctor Strange 2

Since the Midnight Sons have hosted Darkhold redeemers in its ranks and other kinds of Vampires, Morbius is the perfect candidate to assist Strange here. His knowledge and Jared Leto’s performance will make for a must-watch dynamic between Doctor Strange and Morbius. We are glad that Sony’s universe has created such diverse characters who can be introduced in a bubble and interact with Marvel characters whenever the studios feel like it. The multiverse sure is handy. It lets us see all of these possible team-ups in the blink of an eye. Still, we wonder what Wanda has planned for the fate of the universe. Let’s assess this a little bit.


The Real Villain

Wanda can be scary when she takes the Scarlet Witch form. She can do things that we can never imagine and they can get extreme very quickly. Her power is no joke and she can pretty much control anyone she wants. But the real question is what will she do in the movie itself. Will she act in conjunction with Strange Supreme/ Evil Strange or will she be on the side of the good. This question will only be answered when the movie finally comes out.


Morbius Will Appear In Doctor Strange 2

Still, there is a strong possibility that Doctor Strange 2 will feature a massacre. It would be fun to see Morbius smack in the middle of it. His actions of investigating the Darkhold could have their own implications and act as the B-story of the movie. Let us know what you think of this analysis and theory in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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