How Moon Knight Could Create An Issue for Gorr in Thor 4

Moon Knight is right on its path to introducing the next set of Gods in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show has already set up two Elder Gods from Egyptian mythology and might introduce some more as the series goes on. But are they the real deal? Or is it the same thing as the Asgardian Gods from Norse mythology? And if it is real, Gorr in Thor 4, go after them too?

Gorr in Thor 4

There is a long debate among Marvel fans about how MCU defines a character as GOD? When we saw Thor for the first time, it was easy to believe him as a God, but it became uneasier as the story went on and on. And now a new Pantheon of Gods is all ready to enter the bigger MCU. So, will these newly-introduced Gods be anything like the old ones? Or will they be more real and powerful and more mythic than realistic? But the worst part of bringing in newer God-level characters is that we have to question everything we thought we knew about the Gods in the MCU!


Disney+’s Moon Knight premiered with a drama-packed episode that gave us an insight into the troubled mind of Marc Spector. The episode features Marc’s alter ego, Steven, in control for this episode, where he tries to function as a common man. But life or we should we rather say Khonshu, has different plans for him. Steven was a regular Egyptian Artefacts Museum Employee when Spector and Khonshu made plans for him. They used his job to gather the artefacts that they needed to keep away from Arthur Harrow, Ammit’s conduit.



Steven was almost a loser, except that he possessed exceptional knowledge of Egyptian Mythology. He introduced the layman members of the audience to the Ennead, the Elder Gods. While there were 9 Gods, we have only heard about two of them. Khonshu maintained his presence on the Earth through Marc Spector and Ammit, who chose Arthur Harrow to be his slave. So the question needs to be asked, will the other Gods appear too? Do they have their conduits, as well? And are they the real MCU Gods, or are they just like the Asgardians?


But the greater question arises when Gorr will enter the picture in Thor: Love & Thunder. Christian Bale’s God Butcher has a personal vendetta with the Gods and has pledged to kill them all in his lifetime. So if he enters the MCU to kill off the last remaining Asgardian Gods, or is it the time travel theory, this should concern the Egyptian Gods as well. And if he doesn’t go after the Egyptian Gods, is he even worthy of being the god Butcher if he only goes after demi-Gods, like Thor and Loki?


There is also a theory that Love & Thunder will finally feature Geek gods in the MCU as well. Russel Crowe is all set to debut as MCU’s Zeus, the King of the Geek Gods. So will he suffer the wrath of Gorr too? And before that, does Marvel need to explain how Gorr goes off killing Gods? Does he possess a code or a radar? By now, we know that the introduction of Egyptian Gods raises a lot of questions that need to be answered by the end of the series, or at least in Thor 4.


Fans are excited to see how the story of Gorr in Thor 4 goes, are you excited too about it? tell us down in the comments

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