The Shocking Comparison Robert Downey Jr. Made About Spider-Man: Homecoming

Although Spider-Man may have made his debut in Captain America: Winter Soldier, Spider-Man: Homecoming will officially be the welcoming party to greet the superhero with open arms. The hero, although a mainstay in Marvel comics, has not made appearances in past Marvel movies. This is due to the film rights being owned by Sony Pictures, the studio that has been responsible for bringing the Spider-Man franchise to screen for the early 21st century. The team up of Sony and Marvel has resulted in Homecoming, a film that is both monumental in Hollywood and in the superhero genre.

So far, Peter Parker/Spider-Man has the most interactions with Tony Star/ Iron Man in the MCU. Stark recruited the young Parker for his new team, and Homecoming will see the relationship either prosper as a mentor/student kind of relationship[or ultimately be ruined into shambles].The entry of Iron Man has already excited fans, and star Robert Downey Jr. is more than supportive to be in such an exciting debut film.  In a special behind the scenes clip, the actor talked about how it felt to be working on this kind of film again:

“Being back with Tom Holland and Jon Favreau, it’s just crazy. And it reminded me of that kind of first Iron Man experience. It’s a straightforward Spider-Man movie. There’s always opportunities for heavy-hitters dropping in to kind of support him.”

Iron Man was the debut film of Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it no doubt would have a lot of stakes riding on its back. It was also the film that skyrocketed Downey’s career into superstardom. Iron Man has since become one of the mainstays in Marvel film, becoming a part of the Avengers team. The new role of mentoring a young superhero is a new step for Iron Man, who has more or less been a lone figure, even of his team members.Will Spider-Man change that? We will have to wait and see.

Amy Fanai

Movie lover who writes about movies.
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