4 Magical Movies That Can Satisfy Your Harry Potter Hunger

What has a Potter fan to do between films? What, other than destroying their DVDs and re-re-perusing their Potter books can a Potterhead do to get his or her altar of enchantment and ponder? Luckily, Hollywood has since quite a while ago pumped out its share of magical films. While none have had a similar effect like the Harry Potter franchise, they, in any case, have, absolve the play on words, captivated gatherings of people with dreams of enchantment, ponder and enterprise. Check out these 4 magical Movies that can satisfy your harry potter hunger.

 1. The Neverending Story


The film consolidates cutting edge enhancements with a nearly post-present day story. As a young man peruses the main book in our reality, he envisions the occasions of another kid in the supernatural universe of Fantasia. However as the book (and film) goes on, the young man starts to address exactly how fanciful the universe of the book is.

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