Thanos Vs Adam Warlock : Who Would Be The Last One Standing?

The cosmos is large and wide and filled with more wonders than we can imagine. The Marvel comic universe is inhabited by entities far beyond our realm of rational understanding, these beings are the be all end all of the universe and operate under such power that our present mind is completely unable to grasp the extent of their power. What happens when two such cosmic beings come face to face. What happens when the cosmos and the tyrant go on an all-out rampage in the midst of their battle to determine a true winner. This is the question that Quirkybyte will seek to answer today with Thanos vs Adam Warlock.

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Before we begin the fandom must understand the sheer scale of this battle, we must assess the present capabilities of these individuals and henceforth determine the very basic premise of the battle between them. The real reason why Adam Warlock went against Thanos in the comics was that he was to be the focal point of the Avengers’ struggle against the ruler of the dark quadrant, the android himself. 

While blessed with unique capabilities is not the same level of combatant as the Mad Titan but don’t chalk it up as a loss to Warlock just yet. Before moving any further with the battle analysis let’s delve into the origin stories of both characters.


Thanos Vs Adam Warlock
Thanos Vs Adam Warlock

The tyrant of the dark quadrant and the creature wildly renowned throughout the universe as the Mad Titan is, in fact, a hybrid born of the Eternals. The Eternals were a race created by the primary creatures of the Marvel comic-verse known only as the celestials. These celestials include beings we are already familiar with including the grandmaster and the collector. You see, the Celestials were the creators of all life in the Marvel comic verse, or so the writers have led us to believe.

Although these beings of supreme power populated the universe with complex life, along the way they also realized that they had somewhat disturbed the balance of the universe in doing so. Hence, to correct their mistakes the celestials took to experimentation on the life they had so created, to judge it worthy enough to let it perpetuate itself or not. Hence, the segregation of the humans into three categories by the celestials.

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The first were the beings who were a distorted image of the human life, a subterranean species that would become the source of rumors of trolls and monsters in the modern era. The second was the normal humans themselves that populated the planet earth.

And lastly, the second variation of the human species was near perfect genetic beings known only as the Eternals. The Eternals were blessed with perfect genetic structure giving them perfect physical and mental attributes and longevity.

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These Eternals did not wish to occupy the same planet as with this of their primitive “ancestors” so they decided to leave the planet earth and occupied a moon of Saturn now named Titan. It was here that a child was born to the Eternals, a child with purple skin who would take up the name of the Greek God of death Thanatos.

This child grew up to be Thanos. His strength unrivaled and his intellect to match even the greatest of tacticians Thanos assumed command of not only Titan but the entirely of the dark quadrant, ruling with an iron fist. This Titan was not all brawn, he had love in him too. But this is Thanos we are talking about, so the object of his love can’t be as simple as a female.

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No sir, the entity Thanos fell in love with was Lady Death herself, or rather the personification of death. Lady death convinced her estranged and powerful lover that the universe was out of balance and the balance of life needed to be restored to the universe, the only way to do so was by wiping out half the life in all of existence and only this act would win Thanos Death’s favor.

This is what instigated the Mad titan’s hunt for the infinity stones and his pursuit of absolute strength and tyranny.

Adam Warlock

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Adam Warlock was born an android created by a sect of scientists right here on earth is known as the enclave in a facility called The Beehive. The scientists were after the goal of creating the perfect human who would provide a benchmark for the next age of human civilization. The aim of the enclave could be argued to be good but their means to achieve the goal were corrupt and downright evil.

Maybe this is the reason why the android they had created to be the perfect human and logical being ended up leaving them in the dust and flying away as soon as he broke out of his cocoon. The story of Adam Warlock is one of turmoil and deep soul searching. When he left earth and wandered the cosmos he was saved by Utau, the watcher from complete annihilation and from there on roamed the universe gathering both immense knowledge and powers.

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The end result was an android (in warlock’s classic iteration in the golden and the silver age of comics when he was in the possession of the soul gem) with immense cosmic powers and transmutation capabilities and a strategic mind that could only be rivaled by the likes of Batman.


The ascension of Adam Warlock to god-like cosmic beings surprised few. And even among the cosmic beings, the status of Warlock was that on a cosmic outsider vis a vis other cosmic God-like beings have difficulty in predicting what Warlock is liable to do next.

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Along with the soul stone ( that granted Warlock complete control over the domain of the souls including manipulation and control of the soul of other individuals ) Warlock also has capabilities to transmute matter and energy making him one of the most lethal beings in the universe.

He holds the power of control over cosmic energy transmutation and has always had an affinity or control of non-cosmic matter that borderlines on the purest form of alchemy. Barring this, being a cosmic being, Adam Warlock is also blessed with enhanced speed and strength along with ultra-awareness, a state of being for cosmic entities making him to only lethal but also omnipresent in a sense.

Death Battle: Adam Warlock Vs Thanos

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Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of the fight let’s determine the mentality of the combatants and their conditions for victory. The man who would come to be known as the Mad Titan and the ruler of the dark quadrant vis a vis Thanos is a being of immense strength and it is a rare sight to see Thanos show mercy. It goes without saying that the life of Adam Warlock is forfeit in the eyes of the Mad Titan as soon as he chooses to step on the battlefield with him.

On the flip side, Adam Warlock is a cosmic entity with the fortitude, genetic composition and moral standpoint of an ideal human civilization. He was built for the purpose of perfection, in a sense the logical extreme of Steve Rogers just on a cosmic scale. So would Warlock choose to put Thanos down if he holds the Titan at his mercy, perhaps?

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This is a battle of wits as much as it is of strength. Although it is true that Adam Warlock would probably lose to Thanos in a fist fight, this is not a street side brawl, no sir it’s a frontal assault between two entities on a cosmic scale. The fight will be of the minds and of strategy.

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And the strategy is exactly what Adam Warlock excels at. Now it’s true that Thanos is an all-powerful Titan who can swat Adam Warlock like the fly he is. Thanos has done it before. Warlock has the magical capability (read cosmic energy) to put Thanos down for the count. However Thanos has already defeated Warlock in the times he possessed the soul stone and the current version does not, although he still has all the abilities.

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Simply speaking the decision will be based on the condition of the fight. If Thanos and Warlock meet somewhere out in the cosmos, the Mad Titan may succeed in killing the android with a soul but if Adam is given enough of a time to strategize and mount an attack he may come out of this victorious.

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