5 Marvel Comic Events That Could Make Incredible Movies

The crossovers have spoken to a portion of the high and low focuses for the brand keeping in mind comic book fans have dependably been in sync with them. Film viewers might take a  little more time to get a taste. But there are these comic events that can definitely turn into amazing movies. Take a look at these Marvel comic events that could make incredible movies

Secret Wars

The Event: So this is basically, one big story that had all the heroes and villains. Secret Wars was an effort to sell toys that twisted into one of the Marvel’s most notable events.

How It Could Work On Film: The exquisiteness of this foundation is that in spite of its amazing trappings, it’s bizarrely simple. Marvel takes any pertinent heroes and villains and then puts them on an alien planet together. Yes, that’s what is actually done. So, obviously, you would see characterization, plots (and of course subplots) and their attempt to escape the planet.

Avengers Disassembled

The Event: Avengers find their home implored on multiple fronts. So, it goes like this, a dead hero resurfaces with a bomb, a besmirched Vision smashes into the manor and let’s loose a throng of Ultron drones and Hawkeye detriments himself to stop a Kree warship.

How It Could Work On Film: Each character always come into the collaborative carrying their own personal gear. Scarlet Witch is present and is evidently whirling from trailing her brother and still learning how to control her powers.


The Event: So, when Annihilussets free into our universe from the Negative Zone, the vanquisher clues his ostensibly-everlasting flotilla on a rage through space. Every major player from the cosmic side of Marvel is compelled to join.

How It Could Work On Film: Marvel has obviously already begun discovering the cosmic side of their universe along with Guardians Of The Galaxy. It is very likely that they would want to state stories in this charming landscape, and with so many untouched rudiments still accessible, Annihilation could obviously allow Marvel to exploit a whole lot of characters.

Messiah Complex

The Event: When a new mutant suddenly shows up on everybody’s sensor, she becomes a flagship that numerous parties are after.

How It Could Work On Film: A tranquil way to find a way to re-toll without rebooting would be to put the audience into an extremely diverse scenario. Now, the question is what kind of scenario? Well, it could be like a short time jump that too to an era where mutants have stopped being born.

World War Hulk

5 Marvel Comic Events That Could Make Incredible Movies

The Event: After being compulsorily sent off-planet by the Illuminati, a secret group of heroes, the Hulk spends his time in expatriation, building his rage and congregating a war party.

How It Could Work On Film: There has been a lot of babble that rudiments from Planet Hulk, which archives the time he devotes on an alien world. If we consider this to be true, then a logical thing to these would be……World War Hulk (of course).

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