Disney+ Loki Series Could Explain A Doctor Strange Easter Egg

Loki Series Explain Doctor Strange Easter Egg:

When the Disney+ Loki series was announced, we felt amazing. But when the trailer was released, trust us, we were not ready for this huge load of easter eggs and relevance that we are covering again. This is because there’s a forgotten easter egg from Doctor Strange that could finally be explained in the Disney+ Loki series, indicating that the Living Tribunals could be introduced. Who is that you ask? The Living Tribunal is a major cosmic entity in the Marvel Universe that occasionally interacts with characters like Doctor Strange and Silver Surfer.

If we have to speak about the Disney+ Loki’s trailer, in a nutshell, it gives a handful of information regarding the concept of the show. Now we all remember how Loki died in Avengers” Endgame when Thanos ruthlessly snapped his neck like a stick, and Loki left us. But that is not it.

Loki Series Explain Doctor Strange Easter Egg

Later in the movie, we see Loki, back in 2012, in S.H.I.E.L.D.’s custody. But, he escaped custody due to a mishap, and then it is clear that this alternate version of Loki has escaped and the series follows this. Further, we see that Loki is captured by TVA – Time Variance Authority, responsible for the smooth functioning of different realities and take notice of any time-bending activities such as Loki’s. Based on the trailer, it would appear that the show will be exploring different corners and time periods in the MCU.

The trailer highly suggests that The Living Tribunal may be introduced via TVA, as in the trailer we can clearly see three faces in the background on a wall. These faces were seen again on the statues of three robed figures. It could be that these statues are a depiction of the MCU’s take on the Living Tribunal. The real reason why we’re emphasizing this is that in the Marvel comics also, the Living Tribunal is a three-faced entity as well. Also, it’s important to note that some version of the Living Tribunal either does exist or has existed in the MCU. Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) showed off the Staff of the Living Tribunal to Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) in Doctor Strange but didn’t reveal any details about its original owner.

Loki Series Explain Doctor Strange Easter Egg

At a point in time in Marvel Comics, the Living Tribunal was considered to be one of the highest cosmic beings in the universe and was believed to be the most powerful force in existence. Apart from having their own dimension to observe like the rest of Marvel’s cosmic entities, what sets the Living Tribunal apart is the fact he oversees every reality in the multiverse. He has made it his duty to guard the balance of the multiverse and judge those who interfere with that.

In the comics, he could have stopped Thanos from using the power of the Infinity Gauntlet, but chose to do nothing. Interestingly, he was almost adapted into the MCU version of the story in Endgame as a being who would have judged Thanos for what he did, but this scene didn’t make it in the final film.

Loki Series Explain Doctor Strange Easter Egg

Now we highly believe that Marvel has finally found the right time to introduce the Living Tribunal, even if we never truly see him in the flesh. The Living Tribunal could be used to make sense of how the TVA is able to keep an eye on different timelines. Since he too concerns himself with more than just one world in the multiverse, he’d have a good reason for providing them with this capability. A conversation with the TVA in Disney+ Loki series trailer, that explains his existence and his purpose would bind into the concept of the multiverse and create a link to Doctor Strange easter egg.

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If all this seems true, then this is a huge development, and the very concept of the multiverse will be now infused in every little project that we see. We very well know that WandaVision will also amplify the concept of the multiverse, and the Doctor Strange sequel also clearly has it in the title, telling us the madness that the multiverse has. Disney+ Loki series will be bringing a lot of crazy to the Marvel universe and we totally looking forward to it. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment how you feel about this introduction of the Living Tribunal!

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