Deadpool 2: Is it going to be Crossover of Deadpool and X-Force?

After a disastrous portrayal of an iconic superhero character in X-Men: Origins, Ryan Reynolds finally hit all the right notes in the standalone movie Deadpool directed by Tim Miller. It has been the most successful Ryan Reynolds film in his entire career, the global box office collections have surpassed $400 million while the cost of production was less than $60 million.

Such a great showing have prompted talk of a possible sequel, the studio is definitely interested in making Deadpool franchise as it’s proved to be a cash cow. In an interview Ryan Reynolds admitted to the possibilities of a sequel, bringing Cable or X-force action into the sequel. But one thing that is confirmed is that there will not be a direct crossover of Deadpool and X-Men movies (by Bryan Singer) anytime soon, as the tone of both the franchises are poles apart.

The intention of the studio is to first establish the Deadpool character, make him likeable and bad-ass before it enters into a crossover with any other superhero. In that way he is much like Iron man of Fox cinematic universe. The X-force movie is in the works, and according to sources writers of Deadpool are involved with it indicating a possible crossover in the future. There is only one way to make this work i.e Deadpool is hired by someone to kill someone important and X-force is brought in to stop him. If there is one comic-book plot that ties all three projects of FCU it’s “X-Cutioner’s Song” wherein Cable attempts to kill his clone who happens to be working for Apocalypse. Well….let’s see what future holds…

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