Marvel Vs DC: The Shocking Thing Spider-Man And Deadpool Just Did To DC

Although Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice was a money maker for DC Extended Universe, it was the bearer of much hate and criticism from fans and movie critics. It was a learning moment for DCEU, who had come into the superhero game with too much confidence and too little quality. Movie audiences had become accustomed to seeing great superhero movies from Marvel, so that expectation was in-built for the young company to live up to.
Marvel Vs DC

And while Marvel may reign in the movie world, DCEU is slowly catching up which may be why Marvel comics has not been holding back with a jab or so in some of their latest comics. The comic book company has been enjoying a shady joke or to aimed at Batman Vs Superman, the big disappointment of 2016’s comic book movie. Their latest jab comes in the form of Deadpool and Spider-Man who themselves have had a testy history.

In Spider-Man/Deadpool #12, the city has been visited by an angry Saturn. He gets mistaken for Santa Clause because of his long, white beard but that does not last for long. In ancient Roman times, Saturnalia was celebrated to honor the god for giving good harvest through the year. The celebration involved days of hedonistic practices like gambling, sexting, drinking, animal sacrifices which fell on the days between 17th to 23rd December.Not to get too historical, but the holiday has evolved through the centuries but Saturn is still pissed in this story.


Deadpool coincidentally meets Spider-Man on the streets after getting kicked out of a bar. The two witness the Greek god destroying some trees and creating a ruckus on the street. Bot heroes decide that people don’t deserve to get their Christmas ruined by a half naked guy and decide to stop him. But only after sharing a few quips with Zack Snyder being the punching bag.


Deadpool says  “it’s like Santa stopped eating cookies and started doing CrossFit.” Spidey responds, saying: “he looks like Zack Snyder made a movie about Santa, but instead of delivering presents, he works out and murders.” Will DC comics finally make their own response? 2016 has already seen Marvel take three jabs at the company’s movies. When that happens, we’ll let you know.

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