Unbelievable Behind-The-Scenes Moments From Popular Movies

Behind The Scenes From Movies:

A movie has two stories, one is seen on the screen and the other happens off the screen. Most of the viewers get to know only the former. Thanks to the internet that behind-the-scenes stories and bloopers have become easily accessible. In this list, we have mentioned some of the most bizarre stories from the sets that are too hard to buy. Can you believe that MCU actress Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t know why Samuel L. Jackson was on the sets on Avengers: Endgame? This is just a glimpse of the insane list of incidents that the silver screens won’t show.  You don’t want to miss these million dollar worth stories. Here are the unbelievable behind-the-scenes moments from popular movies.

 1. Titanic

Most of us love to watch the classic romantic movie, Titanic over and over again. But the actors and the crew wouldn’t revisit the shooting days even if they are paid a million dollars. According to sources, James Cameron was too difficult to work with on the set. But the worst and the most infamous incident from the set was when the crew’s seafood was spiked with PCP. Everyone was rushed to the hospital in a wheelchair and till date, no one has discovered the culprit.

 2. Blade Runner

Behind The Scenes From Movies
Behind The Scenes From Movies

The screenwriter of the classic hit Blade Runner, Hampton Fancher was asked to rewrite the final sequence. According to reports, Hampton had a meltdown and began to cry after being told to do the last scene all over again. As he saw Ridley Scott and the producers leave the room, he ran after them and shouted in a profane tone.

 3. Captain America: Civil War

Anthony Mackie plays Falcon in the MCU who dons a costume that provides him with flight abilities. While he was flying behind the scenes with a wire tied to him, Mackie attempted to land like birds. Unfortunately, it backfired and he fell on his face and thrashed into the mud and grasses.

 4. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

The fantasy world of Star Wars was created in the studio except for a few scenes that were filmed at real locations. The episode on Hoth produced a whole new challenge for the crew outside the adventures of the script. By the time they reached Finse in Norway, the place was attacked by an avalanche.

 5. Guardians of the Galaxy

Behind The Scenes From Movies
Behind The Scenes From Movies

During the climax on Xander, the temperate at the location was so hot that the crew and extras found only one way to cool down their bodies. They were moving around in their underwear when the cameras weren’t filming them.

 6. The Godfather

The legend of Hollywood, Marlon Brando refused to do the one thing that every actor must excel at; memorizing dialogues. This left directors in a huge dilemma between the A-list actor and the necessity to learn lines. The iconic director of The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola fixed cards with lines and cues all around the room. Even the costars had to hold the cards while the camera was facing their backs.

 7. Men In Black

Behind The Scenes From Movies
Behind The Scenes From Movies

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were filming an intense scene where their car went upside down in mid-air inside a tunnel. Unable to control his fart in the excitement or the odd posture, Will released himself in the car. He was extremely apologetic to Tommy though he didn’t show discomfort. However, as soon as the rolling stopped, Tommy jumped out of the car. Even the director has jokingly complained about Will’s farts.

 8. Avengers: Endgame

This is one of the most hilarious behind-the-scenes moments ever. Most of the MCU actors had reunited in the final scene to pay their tributes to Tony Stark. One of the actors was Samuel L Jackson who plays a key role in the franchise as Nick Fury. But Gwyneth Paltrow, who plays Pepper Potts in the Iron Man trilogy was shocked to see Samuel and kept asking everyone why he was on the sets. Apparently, Paltrow had no idea, until then, that Samuel was part of the studios.

Even Tom Holland didn’t know why Michelle Pfiefer was on the set in and the group photo. Haven’t Gwyneth and Tom seen other Avenger movies?

 9. Scream

According to sources, the crew of Scream didn’t use props as telephone nor did they remember to disconnect the actor’s calls during a scene. Drew Barrymore kept calling 911 and hung up right after a scream. This went on several times for numerous takes until the cops called back and asked what was going on.

 10. Predator

Arnold Schwarzenegger was considered one of the most muscular men and Hercules of Hollywood. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t cheat on his journey. Arnold and professional wrestler and actor, Jesse Ventura placed a bet on their biceps. The one with the shorter measure would buy the other a bottle of champagne. So, Arnold replaced Jesse’s tape with a fake one and won the contest.

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