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Spider-Man Vs Deadpool – Here’s Why Deadpool Would Crush The Lovable Spider

Deadpool and Spidey are mostly seen as the best bros of MCU, and they are often named as a duo having the most intimate Bromance, being even ahead of Steve & Bucky, and Tony & Banner. But what if these two were to take on each other? Well, it has happened many times in the comics, but it is yet to happen on the big screen. This could actually be the next war that people would actually care about after seeing Captain America take on Iron Man. Deadpool could be pitched as an anti-hero killing bad guys for money while Spidey will be the friendly neighborhood guy trying to do the right thing while saving his city in the right manner. Let’s analyze each hero and see who comes out on top. Introducing, Spider-Man Vs Deadpool.


Spider-Man Vs Deadpool
Spider-Man Vs Deadpool


The Merc with a mouth needs no introduction. But still, let’s go through his bio. Wade Wilson was a mutant mercenary and an anti-hero who killed for money. He was diagnosed with cancer throughout his body and would have died. But then similar to Wolverine, he was experimented upon and Wolverine’s healing factor was transmitted to him.

In the process of curing him, his body got really burnt and looked ugly but he got a healing factor. Along with that, he is a master swordsman and marksman. He also gains the ability to teleport. Along with all these powers and skills, he has one more ability, i.e. his remarkable sense of humor which he constantly uses to distract his opponents and entertain everyone around. He is actually immortal and can even regenerate from just one single cell of his body. Wolverine’s healing ability is not that strong.


Peter Parker is a very intelligent kid who gained powers after getting bit by a radioactive spider. The Spider DNA bonded with his DNA and dialled his senses to eleven. The powers that are possessed by Peter Parker are superhuman strength, reflexes, and balance, the ability to cling tenaciously to most surfaces, and a subconscious ability to sense everything in his surroundings, which is usually called a “spider-sense”.

Along with this, he gains additional powers with the various suits that he has worn throughout the years. Just like in the recent movie, we saw his suit giving him the ability to shoot various kinds of webs, and the suit also had various modes that he could set according to situations.

Spider-Man Vs Deadpool
Spider-Man Vs Deadpool

But the best Suit we have actually seen him wear is none other than the Iron Spider armour. Here are the insane abilities that get added to his arsenal with the Iron Spider suit:

A gliding device like the one we saw in Homecoming.

Mechanical web shooters

Spider tracers, trackers, quick change button and light

Stealth metallic armor 

An Enhanced Chest-piece made up of titanium nitrile fabric. It has the highest concentration of Kasimir Plate Batteries – nano-scale power generating device which can generate 1.2kWatts at peak demand.

A Mask Filter which had 8 minutes worth compressed air capacity, which helped in situations underwater.

Enhanced Lenses which allowed Peter to see through darkness, underwater and even had an aimer and infra-red tech.

Detachable Limbs as Peter could detach the extra sets of legs either to fire as projectiles or lose weight for stealth missions. These limbs also help him to cling upon things and provide assistance in landing.

The Merc with a Mouth vs The Web Slinger

Spider-Man Vs Deadpool
Spider-Man Vs Deadpool

As much as we would like to see the bromance between these two happen in MCU, it would be even better if that bromance has a history of these two being each other’s enemies first, and then teaming up forever! Even though, Deadpool is immortal due to his insanely quick regenerative abilities and the curse of life that he has received in the past, Spider-Man can still give him a tough competition.

Deadpool and Spider-Man
Spider-Man Vs Deadpool

His Spider-sense would allow him to actually defend every attack DP makes upon him, but DP also has heightened abilities, and is a master swordsman and gunman. So, anything relating to web attacks will have no effect upon the fast talker. He will have to use up all the lethal attacks that he has in his new versions of suits, including the instant kill mode, and the high tech abilities from the Iron Spider-suit to actually slow down DP, and somehow contain him.

Spider-Man Vs Deadpool

But, Deadpool being himself would not wait and play much longer with the kid, as if he has to go for the kill, it may not take him a lot of time to actually kill the wall-crawler. But since this battle has to be non-lethal for the two to unite, we would have Deadpool actually show Spidey the good side of him, or explain him the reason why Deadpool does not hesitate in killing his opponents.

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