Docoss X1 – Is it another Freedom 251 in the Making?

It is general notion to assume that if a deal appears too good to be true, it presumably isn’t. Along these lines, there is another company, unknown until a couple days back, which is all set to offer a smartphone at a price unimaginable. A Jaipur-based company, Docoss Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. has made a significant buzz in the business sector with its Docoss X1 cell phone at a ridiculously stunning price of Rs. 888. Sounds  something familiar? Yes, the Ringing Bells’ Freedom 251. We all very well know what Freedom 251 was. A cellphone incredibly priced at a farfetched Rs. 251. The next thought that would strike our minds, is it a scam? I still vividly remember the buzz around when Freedom 251 came into light. While the razzmatazz created by the so claimed least expensive phone Freedom 251 is still warm, it is again touched off by Docoss X1, another competitor in the league. This news, in any case, seems fishy because of the simple fact that the company was enlisted only a couple days back on April 27th, 2016 and besides all of this, the description on the website appears entirely promising as it reads “DOCOSS Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. a smartphone seller company with the lowest price but with fully loaded features. We are starting our brand with model DOCOSS X1. More coming soon.”


Freedom 251 and the series of not at all satisfying experiences that resulted have left everybody with an acrid taste. It has hit hard the trust of the people that will take a great deal of efforts to rebuild. No doubt Docoss X1 and Freedom 251 are two of the cheapest smartphones available, that have managed to grab the ballyhoo in India, yet considering its cost of production and the features it offers, this hyped up occasion looks a bit murkier. It has been said that DOCOSS X1 will be the least expensive smartphones which can be offered by all the scope of classes particularly lower class people require most of these sorts of mobile phones. What’s more, assuming all this to be true, this product will cater the needs of much middle-class and lower-middle class Indians. And if Docoss X1 turns into a reality, then there is a full possibility that it would revolutionize the smartphone industry in India.


This phone has a 4 inch IPS display screen and is said to be fueled up with 1.2GHz Dual-Core Cortex A7 processor. Under the hood, the gadget runs on Cortex A7 chipset matched up with 1 GB of RAM. It comes with an internal storage limit of 4 GB which is further expandable to32 GB. Docoss X1 is powered by android and runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat. It has a 2.0 Mega Pixel Rear Camera and a 0.3 Mega Pixel Front Camera. The device has a dual SIM facility and is backed up with a removable 1300 mAh battery and is available in two color shades (Black and White). Despite the fact that it doesn’t have a picture stabilizer, it has a built-in LED flash. It is also Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled which is an unavoidable feature for the users.

Another great thing about Docoss is that it is not requesting a booking amount for the product and instead is selling the product on COD (Cash On Delivery) basis. The gadget is said to be accessible for booking through their website Both Freedom 251 and Docoss X1 offer comparative and to a certain extent similar features and specifications, which are nothing to gloat about except for they could incite a non-mobile user to go for a mobile phone. Docoss is not the only company in India to cause a storm using the low price factor as its USP, but it makes even most of the high budget phones seem exorbitant. The big disengage here is our obliviousness to acknowledge the differing set of users and their needs, which are more disposed towards value for money rather than the cost of the product. While people who somehow managed to book a Freedom 251 are as yet sitting tight for the product to be delivered to them, Docoss X1 has attempted to answer all these questions and doubts about its faithfulness by putting out videos and photographs on its website and social media.


This is an upheaval in India with regards to smartphones, yet this shift carries with it a certain level of expectation. An expectation of expanding content, expectation of watching and recording videos and listening to music and hence drives the desire for satisfactory performance, but packing all of this in a Rs 888 box is unquestionably indigestible. Thus, if they can really convey and deliver the expected product with all of these specifications and features, then Docoss X1 appears to disturb and outclass the Indian smartphone business sector and thereby acting as a step in the right direction for an economical smartphone in India.

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