IPL Insanity and the Water Crises


Cricket is treated as a religion in India where one can search for the extreme and insane level of this sports lovers. This religion has the biggest festival to celebrate in the early summers, that is known as Indian Premier League. Despite many oppositions in the initial period, the format began and rose dramatically over a period of time. But this year the problem that the nation is facing is none other than the acute shortage of water and its improper utilisation in cricket. Mumbai is the hub of cricketing events and the atmosphere of the stadium is electrifying. But the drought-hit state of Maharashtra has posed a very serious problem which may lead to shifting of venues after April 30. The initial statement by the Bombay High Court was to abandon all the sixteen matches to be played in Mumbai, but somehow BCCI arranged the matches till the end of this month. Water crises have always been an issue to tackle with over the last decade or so. But the insanity of the fans watching the game will not let the tournament struggle anyhow. However, a problem like this needs to be dealt with utmost care and a sense of maturity. People need to understand the importance of this resource to let other things like cricket to continue and exist practically. Another state where water is over-utilised is the capital. People would not believe that DDCA uses RO water in the toilets and for the field maintaining. People today still cannot afford to drink clean water in some areas where purified RO water is sprinkled on the grass and pitch and flushed out in the toilets. The same water is given to all the spectators watching the match inside the ground. But at last, who cares for it when we have Cricket as the opportunity cost of it. However, the matter of concern still is to save water to save cricket.

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