4 Simple Ways to Flatten the Stomach tagged with The Tummy Wants More Syndrome (TWM)


“When I am bored I eat, when I am sad I eat, when I am happy I eat.” Many of us can relate to this quote. Binge eating, or poor eating habits is undoubtedly unpropitious for health, which can be taken into control with some simple alterations in the eating habits. While exercising is one of the pre-requisites for weight loss, let us look at 4 other factors for faster weight loss.


Go Eggetarian :


A recent study has verified that eating eggs can contribute to reducing the weight. A breakfast inclusive of eggs can keep the belly full for longer time which brings the tempting food cravings during the day to a standstill. Moreover, eggs are a protein bank which you can bank upon without a doubt.


The Night Eating Syndrome :


The enticing pictures of the aromatic food get the better of our brain and in a matter of few minutes we may find ourselves going to the refrigerator or microwave, turning a blind eye to the impinging affects of the mouth watering and alluring snacks we are hungry for and munch on merrily, eyeing the rest  in our hand with an unending yearning. The extra carbs would add and multiply, but not get subtracted and divided, if we do not take charge of the night eating habits.


Drinking Water –


Water is a natural hydrator. Imagine what happens when you gulp down a glass full of water before a meal? The answer is that the appetite would reduced  to what it would have been sans the glass of water .

Drink water at frequent intervals throughout the day. I know it corresponds and is directly proportional to increased number of loo visits, but you will end up gobbling down less calories, which is directly proportional to losing weight faster .


Eating Nutritious Food –


The point of losing weight is molding the body in healthy frame of figure and not shifting to an undernourished folk. Therefore, a diet of vegetables and fruits should be incorporated in the everyday eating habits that contains all the  essential vitamins and nutrients for a balanced and healthy metabolism and functioning of the body.

Ruchika Bhatia

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