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    4 Simple Ways to Flatten the Stomach tagged with The Tummy Wants More Syndrome (TWM)

      “When I am bored I eat, when I am sad I eat, when I am happy I eat.” Many of us can relate to this quote. Binge eating, or poor eating habits is undoubtedly unpropitious for health, which can be taken into control with some simple alterations in the eating habits. While exercising is one of the pre-requisites for weight loss,…

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    Keeping Kids Fit

    America is in the grips of an epidemic. Its not measles, malaria, or influenza… its obesity. More than two thirds of Americans are obese, making them the heavy-weights of the world. This isn’t just a problem for adults however, over 30% of kids in the U.S. struggle with weight and staying fit as well. These numbers have nearly tripled since…

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