15 Martin Scorsese Memes Where Marvel And DC Fans Trolled Him Badly

Martin Scorsese has redefined the Crime genre in Hollywood, and he has created some of the biggest movies with some of the biggest actors in the industry. His collaborations with Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio prove that he can work perfectly well with actors from any given generation. Since he has incredible reviews for the Marvel and DC movies, fans really loved to make some Martin Scorsese Memes:

1. Very Happy Man!


2. Don’t Be Stupid!

3. Martin Approves It!


4. Haha!

5. Damn!


6. A lie!

7. Great!


8. OMG!

9. Death!!


10. LMAO!

11. Having His Fun!


12. Crazy!

13. If Martin Directs The Movie!


14. Funny!

15. Have It!

These Martin Scorsese memes are hilarious and craziest. Did it make you laugh? Let us know in the comments.

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