Why Dune 3 Will Be More Important Than Even Dune Part 2

Denis Villeneuve has said that he intends to helm a trilogy of the Dune movies based on the books. This is rather exciting considering fans of the books really enjoyed Dune as it did a fair amount of justice to the first half of the book. While we are excited to see the fate of Timothée Chalamet’s Paul Atreides as he tries to get back to powers with help of the Fremens. While it is rather clear that Paul will be the protagonist for the first two films but the same cannot be said for the third film. There are major factors that might end up indicating that Dune 3 will be more important than Part 1 and Part 2.


So far we got to see House Atreides and how it falls apart under the oppression of the House Harkonnen and the Sardaukar Army. The story was primarily focused on Paul Atreides and how he will play a key role in bringing his House back to the throne. Dune ended with Paul meeting the Fremen and with the help of the latter Paul will get into a war with the House Harkonnen. The movie only introduced us to the political landscape and the various other essential elements but the sequels will utilize these elements for the various other factors that come into play.


Dune 3 will be more important

There wasn’t much action in the movie and this only means that Denis Villeneuve wanted us to get used to the world and then we will proceed with the proper warfare. The sequel to Dune was confirmed right after the release of the movie and it will complete the ongoing story. Along with that, we will also find out the fates of the various characters who weren’t given a proper ending in the first part. These events will only set up the third part of the trilogy and there we will get to see the true message of Paul’s rise to power.


Dune: Messiah

Denis Villeneuve has confirmed that the third film which will be based on Frank Herbert’s 1969 book Dune: Messiah, will be the final film in his trilogy for the franchise reboot. This could be basically because the book provides a proper narrative following Paul Atreides’ rise to power. The book is essential to the narrative of Paul’s rise and it has the key message that Herbert intended the readers to gather from the books.


The book deals with the repercussions of Emperor Paul Atreides’ actions and gives us a fair idea of how things could go wrong. Dune 2 will play a key role in completing the story of Dune whereas Dune 3 will show us the visions Paul had of the galactic jihad coming true. The problem arises as the Fremen keep killing billions in his name and Paul becomes blinded by power.


Dune‘s Real-World Implications

Dune 3 will be more important

Frank Herbert wrote Dune in 1965 which is only a few decades after the events of World War II. Even the author has mentioned that the book was intended towards giving a warning against the rise of certain charismatic leaders and messianic figures. Following such figures could often end up having drastic results and this was very much witnessed during the events of World War II. There have been numerous examples of figures in history who have been considered well-meaning, capable, and considerate but at the same time have taken certain decisions that had devastating results. These ideas have been primarily focused on the second book Dune: Messiah which might act as the third film in the trilogy.


We will get a proper ending to the narrative of Dune if the trilogy is completed with the third film giving us an idea of what such a character might end up being. There is a high chance that we will get a third film considering Denis Villeneuve’s success with the first film and the sequel already getting greenlit. Dune Part 2 will be released in theaters worldwide on October 20, 2023, with production for the movie starting in 2022.


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