4 Stark Events That Shaped Howard Stark’s Life

Masterminded by Archie Goodwin and Don Heck, the father of the playboy billionaire, Tony Stark, Howard Stark first appeared in Iron Man #28 in 1970. He is one of the brainchildren of the most profitable company Stark Industries, which later taken over by his son and our favorite Tony Stark.  Howard is known to be an expert industrialist and an engineer. So here we bring you five instances that affected Howard Stark’s Stark Industries.

Red Skull kidnaps Howard Stark and his wife

Since Howard Stark was already engaged in several government projects, Manhattan Project almost cost him his life and his family. Red Skull kidnapped him and his family to gain the information about the Manhattan project, which helped in developing nuclear weapons in World War II. Ultimately, Captain America and the Howling Commandos rescued Howard Stark and his wife.

Howard Stark becomes the protector of Earth

It was the time after World War II when Brotherhood of the Shield visited Howard Stark to safeguard the planet earth and become one of the sole protectors. After the demise of the Joseph Stalin, the group became the protectors of the earth. One of the prominent SHIELD members, scientist Dr. Nathaniel Richards along with Stark recruited a man with immense superpowers, called Leonid, another savior of the world.

Howard Meets Maria

4 Major Things Happened In Howard Stark's Life

While hanging out at one of the casinos, Howard Stark stumbles upon Maria Stark being taken by her bodyguards out of the pub. Suspicious of the act, Howard follows her and visit Maria to return an earring she dropped somewhere. And here a cozy moment comes, Howard charms Maria from his personality and beat the shit out of her bodyguards.

Arno Stark’s Birth

So Howard and Maria tied knots with each other and get married. But they face some problems while trying to have a child and due to some complications. But Recorder 451 was a hope that helped both of them conceive the baby and then Arno was born.

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