What Happened To Gurney Halleck In Dune? Will Josh Brolin Return in Dune 2?

Dune has just arrived in theaters around the world and already there are fans of the wide variety of characters we have come to see in the movie. The credit for this majorly goes to Frank Herbert’s seminal piece of work Dune. It is filled with a versatile amount of characters who are quite colorful and are well established in the world they are a part of. The movie does a fair amount of justice to most of the characters involved in the project. This has enabled fans to get attached to the characters too and wonder about their fates. Let’s take a look at what happened to Gurney Halleck in Dune. Everyone wants to know – Will Josh Brolin return in Dune 2? Did he have the same fate as the others when the House Atreides was attacked? Well, let’s find out.

Spoilers for Dune follow.


One of the major parts of the movie definitely has to be the fact that it featured some of the best performances from the cast. Each actor brought their best game to the movie and this benefitted the narrative in a large manner. While some of the actors had been part of such big franchises before others haven’t. One rather interesting performance came from Josh Brolin’s Gurney Halleck, who actually does a great performance in the role. He plays the weapon master of House Atreides along with Duncan Idaho played by Jason Momoa.


What happened to Gurney Halleck?

The character is supposed to be one of the most fearsome warriors in the known universe. He first makes an impact with the audience as he comes to train Paul Atreides. This training session gives us a great insight into the fighting pattern of the characters in the movie. Josh Brolin nails the character from the book as he quotes from his books and there was a deleted scene where we would have seen him play the baliset. This helped a lot considering the character was written in such a manner that it had some desirable features for fans of the books.


What Happened to Gurney Halleck?

After the House Atreides is attacked by the Harkonnens we only get to see Gurney head into battle with the opponent along with some of the other warriors. This leads to quite an interesting fight sequence that is left in the middle. Except for the fact that Baron Harkonnen has now taken over the city not much is known about the impact of the attack on the other characters. We aren’t shown if he has survived or not considering fans expected to see more of him appear after he had established such an exciting persona in the movie. But there is a chance that the book will reveal some light on what might have happened to Gurney.


According To The Book

Gurney’s character is not killed off after the Harkonnen attack in Frank Herbert’s Dune. The book follows a disillusioned Halleck after House Atreides is wiped out and he is not aware the Paul and Lady Jessica had managed to survive. He ends up being a spice smuggler and gathers quite the reputation in Arrakis. But he is soon captured by the Fremen and this brings him directly to Paul. By now Paul had been able to establish himself amongst the Fremen as a leader and he recognizes Halleck right away. He is taken to the sietch where Paul and the other Fremen reside.

Halleck makes an attempt at Lady Jessica’s life because he believes that she was responsible for what had happened to the House Atreides. But he is later convinced that this was not the case and joins the Fremen in bringing Paul to the throne in order to become the new Emperor. Considering Denis Villeneuve will be making a sequel that will see into the second half of the book we can clearly see a chance of Gurney making a return.


Fans can be satisfied that Halleck’s death wasn’t shown in the film and this could only mean that Denis Villeneuve has plans for the character and he will be using him for the sequel. This is quite important considering this also indicates that there are various other elements from the books that can also be adapted in the movie. It will be rather awesome to see Josh Brolin make a comeback in one of his best performances and his character will be explored a lot more.

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