10 Interesting Facts About Gal Gadot And Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the strongest female superheroes of DCEU that is present till date. Her bravery, strength, and righteousness are not hidden from anyone and even the likes of Superman acknowledges her mantle. Not much time has passed by when Wonder Woman’s role was brought to life by the Gal Gadot, who did not only played the role of Wonder Woman but nailed it super efficiently. Here are some interesting facts about Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot’s rigorous training

Gal Gadot trained 6 hours a day for straight 6 months in order to give justice to the role of mighty Wonder Woman. Her daily regimen includes gym workout, sword practicing, horse riding and preparation for fighting scenes. The training was so severe that she ended up gaining 17 pounds of muscle after 6 months. She toiled hard for the role and as a result, she nailed the role of Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot’ s dedication for work

Gal Gadot worked with a baby bump on the sets of wonder woman during reshoots. Yeah, you read it right, she was 5 months pregnant during the reshoots and later CGI team covered her baby bump with special effects. It seems like as if she truly is a Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman’s superpowers

Wonder woman is blessed with superhuman abilities like brute strength, flight, telepathy and what not. Wonder woman is like a normal human but she knows how to control her psychic energy and gain superhuman abilities. She stood her ground in various fights against DCEU baddies and gave them one hell of a time. 


Wonder Woman’s self-healing abilities

Out of all superhuman abilities, her self-healing ability deserves a special point in our list. She can take blows from brawny super villains and yet again can come back for more. As soon as she gets hit she heals herself. This self-healing ability was given to her by the goddess of Earth. Wonder Women is said to be invulnerable to anything, maybe because of her self-healing abilities.

Wonder Woman’s unparalleled stamina

“I can do this all day” befits wonder woman perfectly. Wonder woman can fight day and night without tiring. Her brute strength combined with never-ending stamina makes her an indestructible opponent. She is one of the strongest melee fighters and can outmatch anyone in the hand to hand combat. Her fight with Ares and Doomsday can give us the idea of how lethal she can be.

Wonder Woman’s weakness

Wonder Women is said to be a demigoddess because of the powers that are granted to her by the deities and for such God-like being weaknesses are hard to find but Wonder Women do have a weakness and it is sharp-pointed weapons. There are instances when Wonder Women got injured by the spears and guns that’s why she uses her gauntlet in order to deflect bullets. Moreover, she has self-healing abilities that also make her a powerful and mighty being.

Wonder Woman’s wonderful vision

Just like other superpowers, she is also gifted with miraculous eyesight which allows her to see far away distances and also helps her in aiming perfectly. She once lost her eyesight in the battle with Medusa (a planned move) but sooner got it restored by goddess Athena. With that restoration directly from Athena, she received another gift that makes her resistant to telekinesis.

Wonder Woman’s speed

When we talk about the speed, the first thing that comes into our mind is Flash or maybe Superman (let’s not ignite that battle) but Wonder Woman’s speed is said to be a match with Flash. This power of speed is given to her by the Hermes. Wonder woman’s reflexes are on par with Superman and she can hold her ground against quickest opponents.

Wonder Woman: Mortal or immortal?

Wonder woman is said to be an immortal as they live for thousands of years on Themyscira. Amazons are immortal but as long as they live on Themyscira. Although there were times when she was ripped off of her immortality then she gains it back, the comic book world is very big and in various arcs, lots of things happen.

Wonder Woman was  carved out of clay

gal gadot wonder woman

Wonder Woman is born out of the clay that was moulded and blessed by deities. She was carved out by her mother Hippolyta and then was granted superpowers from every God. Although movies and comics make her origin contradictory as movies tell us that she is a demigoddess (daughter of Zeus and sister of Ares).  

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