20 Times Fans Didn’t Like The New Thor Love And Thunder Teaser

The first trailer for Thor 4 is finally here and it is surely a surprise even to witness. Many fans liked the trailer as they were waiting for it for a really long time. But there are few who didn’t even like it and are calling it the worst trailer ever. Check out the proof of it where fans are quite upset with the new Thor Love And Thunder Teaser:

1. Seriously!


2. Worst One!

3. Worst Movie!!

4. Is It Though!


5. It Ruined!

6. Probably!

7. Do You Think So?


8. Like Such Drek!

9. Oh No!


10. The Day Is Ruined!

Thor Love and Thunder teaser

11. Such Disappointed!


12. Change My Mind!

13. Lol!!


14. Going To Be Sick!

15. Giving The Chance!

16. LMAO!!


17. Such A Depressing one!

18. Somehow The Worst!

19. Don’t Think So!


20. Crazy!

What are your views on the new Thor Love and Thunder teaser? Did you like it? tell us in the comments box.

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