10 Reasons Why Daredevil Needs to Return to The MCU (And Save It)

Why Daredevil Needs To Return To MCU:

We all cried when Netflix announced that they were canceling Daredevil after Season 3. With Disney+ coming up as a rival platform, it was a necessary move for Netflix since Daredevil would basically be free publicity for the Marvel shows that would be soon airing on Disney+. But should Marvel eliminate the possibility of introducing the Daredevil to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? If you ask us, Daredevil will not just be a part of the MCU if Marvel moves ahead with this plan it will end up saving the shared superhero universe from its impending doom.

 1. MCU has become larger than life

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Over the years, Marvel has placed the Avengers on a collision course with the biggest, worst wolves in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have traversed galaxies and dimensions to fight evil. While we are not complaining, this does paint a very rosy picture for the Avengers. Perhaps, a way too rosy picture indeed!! The MCU has become larger than life and it needs something grounded enough to be its anchor, to show the people that they are still relatable. That is where the Daredevil comes in. The guy is someone who bleeds, falters, and basically sticks up for the common man. That is something none of the MCU heroes are known to do anymore. Marvel needs to bring that element back to their stories.

 2. Multiple loose ends could be tied up

Why Daredevil Needs To Return To MCU

What happens to the Kingpin now? Season 4 also gave us a wonderful antagonist in the form of Bullseye. At the end of Season 3, we see Dex on the hospital bed, totally unconscious. Before the scene cuts to black, we see Dex opening his eyes to reveal a Bullseye pattern, a huge comic book reference to one of Daredevil’s most popular enemies. We also do not know what happens to the Hand after Season 2. Do they still exist? Or Netflix has just decided to kick them out of their universe entirely and expect fans to just forget about them?

 3. Will be a fitting answer to DCEU’s Batman movie

Why Daredevil Needs To Return To MCU

The DCEU is moving forward with it’s the Batman movie. Starring Robert Pattinson as the titular character, it is to be directed by Matt Reeves. This is not the first time someone has said it out loud and it obviously will not be the last one to mention it either. There are several parallels that run between Batman and Daredevil. Both like to keep a low profile. Both are incredibly skilled fighters. Batman’s symbol is a Bat while Daredevil’s radar sense is basically similar to the primary sensory method a bat uses to move around at night – Echo Location. If DCEU could make a Batman movie, we see no point in Marvel not upping the game with a Daredevil movie. They have already done it with Captain Marvel, which came after Wonder Woman. We say why stop there!!

 4. Gateway for Defenders and Marvel Knights

Why Daredevil Needs To Return To MCU

Daredevil has some really cool team affiliations in the comic books. The Defenders were first seen in a live-action adaptation in the Netflix show of the same name. Marvel Knights is another famous team Daredevil led in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. It consists of Black Widow, Cloak, Dagger, Shang Chi, Luke Cage, and Moon Knight. The first mission of Marvel Knights was to capture the renegade superhero The Punisher. Daredevil coming to the MCU will open up a world of team-up possibilities within the MCU.

 5. Spider-Man – Daredevil team-ups are legendary

In the comic books, Spider-Man and Daredevil have teamed up quite a number of times. Fans were very disappointed when Netflix said that there Marvel shows will not crossover with MCU. But they hit the jugular when Netflix canceled the show altogether after Season 3. What hit fans the most was that there was now no chance for Daredevil to team up with the Marvel’s very own friendly neighborhood wall-crawling vigilante – Spider-Man. The implications were enormous if it had happened. The possibilities were endless. If Daredevil is brought back, the first thing Marvel needs to do is make him join forces with Peter Parker.

 6. Marvel’s greatest street-level superhero

Why Daredevil Needs To Return To MCU

Okay, there might be better street-level superheroes out there, but they are yet to get a live-action adaptation. Daredevil is already established as a character. He operates in a small patch of New York called the Hell’s Kitchen, a crime-ridden part of the city. He has fought burglars, domestic abusers, robbers and thieves, kidnappers, and the likes. All the time, Daredevil has only stood for the little guy. He generally hates being part of groups although he might swallow that pill if need be. But he is by and large a street-level superhero. And with a TV Show and an amazing run in the Marvel Comic Book Universe to his name, he is just the perfect guy to have a movie under the MCU banner.

 7. Incredible Fan Following that surpasses even some MCU Characters

Now we know what you are thinking. How can a TV show have more fans than movie superheroes? And that too, MCU superheroes!! But truth be told, there are certain Marvel movie heroes that have a fan base smaller than Daredevil. Take for example Hawkeye – he might be the most reliable Avenger but he is yet to get his solo production. The falcon only recently shot to fame after Captain America gave him his shield. Daredevil is more well-known than both. Another example is the Vision. Daredevil’s fan following will only help Marvel gain a better fan base than they already have. In the end, it will only help them fill their pockets faster by giving the fans what they need.

 8. Potential for R-Rated tone

The R-Rated genre has bloomed very nicely over the years. With Deadpool and Logan, Marvel has finally realized that R-Rated movies can actually score a buck or two for them. And it is time they capitalize on that. Deadpool has blood spilling, bone-cracking action. It is dark, gritty, and has a very powerfully gloomy storyline that might make some puke or feel disturbed after watching it. Daredevil can tap into the market niche that is currently the DCEU’s forte. Dark storylines are all the rage right now and with MCU about to be typecast as family, friends, baby formula humor, Daredevil just might be what they need to turn the tables.

 9. Action Sequences that do not rely on CGI

Why Daredevil Needs To Return To MCU

The MCU has mostly relied on CGI to create the incredible action sequences. Now that is not to say that they are bad. Most of the MCU’s action scenes are some of the best the movie-making industry has to offer. But heavy reliance on CGI also has its repercussions. There will come a time when fans would demand action choreographers to stop relying on special effects and just return to good old school action like back in the days of yore. Daredevil has been doing that in its multiple seasons and the show has shown that action sequences do not require CGI effects if done right. Most of the action scenes we see in Daredevil are very realistic, bloody, and gritty. It looks and feels real. Nothing of that sort has ever been replicated in the MCU

 10. Grounded Villains

Why Daredevil Needs To Return To MCU

You have seen Loki. You have met Thanos. You have grown watching the Avengers fight some truly cosmic and over the top sinister entities. Some are aliens. Some are Gods. Some are born of Artificial Intelligence. Over the years, Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced one villain after another with each successive bad guy being way beyond the line than the last one. No such villain sounds relatable. Their origins are not something we could find similarity with and thus (except a few), have trouble sympathizing with. Daredevil’s villain roaster has believable origins. The Kingpin is a powerful Crime Lord with powerful connections. The Punisher lost his entire family to a gang war. The Hand’s origins may be mystical but they have real-world implications with their leaders being more believable than most MCU antagonists.

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